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SSIR Now! Apr 23, 2015
By Adrienne Day

The example of venture philanthropy in Europe shows how old and new forms of practice can coexist. Read More

By Mara Perez

It’s time to adapt to demographic changes and adopt new strategies. Read More

Most nonprofit leaders are uncomfortable with asking people for money. Learn the tried-and-true principles that guide and inspire the most effective fundraisers in the nonprofit sector during this SSIR Live! webinar on May 19. Read More

By Devin Briski

Ten stories about the environment from the SSIR archives. Read More

By Rachel Leon & Dennis Quirin

People, place, and the Pope offer new hope for environmental progress. Read More

Data on Purpose, June 2-3, will explore how to effectively use, guard, and even share data. Learn from experts at organizations like the MIT Center for Civic Media, Crisis Text Line, and Tableau Software. Read More

By Ken Banks

Donors are always calling for innovative thinking, so why not show a little inclination to innovate themselves? Read More

By Michele Booth Cole

Four ways nonprofits can better advance their mission by building respect, responsibility, honesty, and kindness into their organizational culture. Part of the Talent Matters series. Read More

By Georgia Levenson Keohane

A look at how investment firms, B Corporations, and other businesses are committing to social and environmental change. Read More

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