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SSIR Now! Jan 22, 2015
By Adrienne Day

International food assistance can lead to a spike in the occurrence of armed conflict within a country. Read More

By Risa Lavizzo-Mourey & Fred Mann

Creating change requires that organizations effectively communicate their vision in a way that draws in both existing allies and "unusual suspects." Part of the Making Ideas Move series. Read More

By Joe McCannon & Becky Kanis Margiotta

How successful large-scale change efforts make relentless day-to-day progress. Read More

By Gerbert Rieks & Joris de Vries

For one Tanzania-based NGO, an open source approach to development is getting results. Read More

By Abigail Noble, Marina Leytes, & Beth deBeer

Five steps family offices can take to engage in impact investing. Read More

By Teresa Chahine & Zeina Farhat

Getting social entrepreneurs in Arab countries to take bigger risks in financing for scale may require that they put more skin in the game. Read More

By Judith Rodin

The Resilience Dividend explores how we can reduce our reliance on crisis as a driver of change and, instead, deliberately take the future into our own hands. Find more book reviews and excerpts here. Read More

What does it mean to be a system leader? How can we catalyze collective leadership? Join us to learn more during this SSIR Live! webinar on February 11. Read More

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