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SSIR Now! Dec 18, 2014
By Achilles Kallergis & Alexandre Lambelet

To be effective, the work of philanthropy should be not just innovative but also cumulative. Read More

By Julia Sagebien & Eric Leenson

An in-depth look at how policy changes have been paving the way for an entrepreneurial approach to social change in Cuba for many years. Read More

By Christian Seelos

A diagnostic framework for shaping innovation and scaling strategies. Read More

By Alex Neuhoff & Katie Smith Milway

A new study shows that organizations have a high level of satisfaction with nonprofit collaborations and a desire to collaborate more. Read More

By Antara Ganguli

Bonds for schoolgirls and malaria vaccines: Pay-for-success initiatives are now tackling issues in the developing world. Read More

By Jenifer Morgan

New approaches to philanthropy, unconditional cash transfers, brain science, big data, collective impact, and more—check out the top SSIR articles published this year. Read More

By J McCray

Nonprofits and funders are finding new ways of working together in the effort to achieve greater impact. Read More

What does it mean to be a system leader? How can we catalyze collective leadership? Join us to learn more during this SSIR Live! webinar on February 11. Read More

That's OK! Visit the Webinars page for a complete archive of the recorded presentations, including the popular "Core Components for Driving Greater Impact" series and "Better Board Governance." Read More

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