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SSIR Now! Jun 25, 2015
By Greg Beato

In cities all around the world, entrepreneurs are gathering to discuss the flubs, flops, and fiascos that punctuate their careers. Read More

By Kelly A. Hunt & Jacqueline Martinez Garcel

A case for using targeted measures of progress in philanthropy. Read More

By Christian Seelos & Maria May

Could radical transparency in global development lead to better outcomes? Read More

By Catherine Crooke, Merin Guthrie, Becca Heller, & Katie Reisner

Today’s 60 million displaced people have a basic need beyond food, water, and shelter: legal representation. Read More

New to our series on how interventions in health can align more closely with what communities value:

Read More

By Patricia Lannen & Maya Ziswiler

Philanthropists must support big, difficult, and politically sensitive issues that government, nonprofits, multilateral organizations, and other actors are unable or unwilling to address. Read More

By Chris Cardona, Hilary Pennington, & Paul Shoemaker

These groups' perspectives are closer than most think—and it’s good news for philanthropy. Read More

Creating opportunities for women leads to economic growth and fostering a more equitable society. This webinar package will explore gender lens investing and coprorate-NGO partnerships that empower women globally. Read More

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Stupski Foundation is dedicated to addressing the issues of hunger, life options for underprivileged youth, and end of life care in California and Hawaii. The Foundation is hiring three vice presidents to drive its spend-down goals over the next 10 years. Learn more.