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SSIR Now! Sep 25, 2014
By Elisabeth D. Babcock

Recent discoveries in brain science shed light on what holds the poor back—and on how to help them get ahead. Read More

By Ken Banks

Donors are in an ideal position to stem the flow of poorly thought-out or inadequately planned technology-for-development projects. Read More

By Surina Khan

One of the most powerful strategies funders can pursue is to invest in the leadership of those most affected by problems in their communities. Part of the Talent Matters series. Read More

Talent Matters series.&img=" target="_blank">
By Kate Marple

Social change partners must understand the why before digging into the what. Read More

By Jan Schiettecatte

The co-operative enterprise model lets people own and operate the services they need to live, and supports overall economic stability and resilience. Read More

By Bob Johansen & Karl Ronn

The Reciprocity Advantage: A New Way to Partner for Innovation and Growth offers lessons on using the competitive advantage of reciprocity to capitalize on partnerships and anticipate future disruptions. Read More

By Kathy Gerwig

A new book looks at the mix of leadership, strategy, coordination, and evidence leaders need to transform the US health sector. Read More

Featuring Lisbeth Schorr, Fay Twersky, & Alicia Grunow

In this podcast from our Next Generation Evaluation conference, the speakers discuss three evolving approaches to evaluation in social enterprise that could change its use in a significant way. Read More

Next Generation Evaluation conference, the speakers discuss three evolving approaches to evaluation in social enterprise that could change its use in a significant way.&img=" target="_blank">

Register by tomorrow to save $80! This conference on October 29, hosted by the Shared Value Initiative, FSG, and SSIR, will bring together business, education, and nonprofit leaders eager to explore new models to help address the world's educational needs. Read More

Join this complimentary SSIR Live! webinar on September 30 to learn how you can turn measurement into a competitive advantage for your organization. Read More

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