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SSIR Now! Apr 16, 2015
By Suzie Boss

In Boston, a new program will give low-income college students an alternative to toiling as unpaid interns. Read More

By Lija Farnham, Gihani Fernando, Mike Perigo, & Colleen Brosman, with Paul Tough

New: Researcher Roger P. Weissberg and nonprofit CEO Bridget Laird respond to our recent article o the promise of social and emotional learning (SEL):

Read More

By Beth Bafford & Sarah Gelfand

Investors should think creatively about how to meet the real needs of entrepreneurs who are creating market-based solutions to health problems in emerging economies. Read More

By Timothy Ogden

Let's build on—not try to fix—overwithholding. Read More

By Rufo Quintavalle

There is no scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs and no evidence that their commercialization has been beneficial to society as a whole; until there is, it is prudent to just say no. Read More

By Oliver Gilbert

Mobile adoption at the base of the pyramid will bring massive development benefits, but we must seize the unique opportunity to drive pre-emptive positive digital behavior to help safeguard vulnerable communities. Read More

Most nonprofit leaders are uncomfortable with asking people for money. Learn the tried-and-true principles that guide and inspire the most effective fundraisers in the nonprofit sector during this SSIR Live! webinar on April 7. Read More

Industry-leading speakers at Data on Purpose, June 2-3, will explore how to make productive use of data, guard it, and share it. Speakers include Michael Green, Jake Porway, and Brad Presner. Read More

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Water For People envisions a world in which everyone has access to clean water forever. The organization seeks an action-oriented, entrepreneurial leader with innovative approaches to business planning and management, and a commitment to delivering quality programs and data-driven evaluation. Learn more and apply here.

Join on April 23 when Mark Tercek, president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy, speaks at the 2015 Conradin von Gugelberg Memorial Lecture on the Environment. Tercek will lecture on Fight Less, Collaborate More: How to Solve the World’s Greatest Environmental ChallengesRegister.