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SSIR Now! Jul 23, 2015
By Paul Vandeventer

Conflicts are inevitable when groups (or countries) harness the power of networked action; it’s up to leaders to plan for the worst to achieve the best. Read More

By Antony Bugg-Levine & Kerry Sullivan

Three ways corporations can more effectively partner with nonprofits. Read More

By John R. Ettinger & John T. Ettinger

By applying behavioral economics theory to philanthropy, we can better manage grantmaker tendencies toward loss and risk aversion, and the effects of other decision-making patterns. Read More

By Suzie Boss

Listening closely to users has enabled developers to create digital tools that support responses to the recent Ebola outbreak. Read More

By Caroline Fiennes

A flawed study on deworming children—and new studies that expose its errors—reveal why activists and philanthropists alike need safeguards. Read More

By Katie Mounts

A look at how a number of Social Innovation Fund subgrantees are successfully developing program strategies for greater growth and impact. Read More

By Joe Dickman & Samir Khan

Three ways to make research and evaluation in international development more relevant, ethical, and applied. Read More

By Daniel Moss

Building relationships with grassroots organizations that advocate for human rights-based development takes time, but without investing in them, philanthropy is likely to stumble. The case of Haiti is instructive. Read More

"Building Resiliency: Yourself, Your Organization, Your Society" will take place September 9-11 at Stanford University. Register by July 31 to save up to $600! Read More

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Social Enterprise Alliance and Unreasonable Institute, with support from American Express, will co-host a lab to develop 50 young social entrepreneurs through a pre-Summit15 program. If you are a young person changing the world, learn more and apply! Applications close July 26th.