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SSIR Now! Mar 26, 2015
By Marissa Wesely & Dina Dublon

In many parts of the world, corporations today are cultivating partnerships with locally rooted organizations that promote a multi-faceted approach to women's empowerment. Includes magazine extras. Read More

By Melissa Skolfield

How one organization took advantage of a major transition to move away from third-party vendors and build an in-house communications team. Part of the Making Ideas Move series. Read More

By Gabriela Gandel & Tatiana Glad

Building purpose-driven organizations through engaging the power of the collective. Read More

By Barbara Bush & Emily Moore

To create lifelong global leaders, organizations need to help young people practice resiliency, reflection, and vulnerability. Part of the Talent Matters series. Read More

By Dana O’Donovan & Shruti Sehra

When two organizations bond across sectoral lines, how do you keep the fire going? Read More

By Colin Scott

A look at proposed changes to the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguard policies, and where to set the bar on managing risk. Read More

By Peter Frumkin

In this book, A World of Giving, Patricia L. Rosenfield provides an account of Carnegie Corporation's philanthropic endeavors since 1911. Reviewed by Peter Frumkin. Find more book reviews and excerpts here. Read More

Data for social change is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the social sector. Learn how to make productive use of it, guard it, and share it at this SSIR conference, June 2-3. Read More

How we communicate is changing rapidly. How can social change leaders move ideas in a way that advances their cause? Join us to learn more during this SSIR Live! webinar on April 7. Read More

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