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SSIR Now! Aug 21, 2014
By Sylvia Yee

Behind the recent advance of gay marriage rights lay a decade of careful planning and diligent collaboration. Includes magazine extras. Read More

Includes magazine extras.&img=" target="_blank">
By Maribel Morey

The Supreme Court’s reasoning and decision in Hobby Lobby should make the foundation reflect on the relative wisdom of its initiative to blend the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Read More

By David La Piana

Recommendations for foundations seeking to exit a program area or close down responsibly. Read More

By Dom Potter

We must move beyond the profit proxy as a shorthand way of determining whether a business is successful or not, and whether it is social or not. Read More

By Menno van Dijk & Roshan Paul

Making the leap—15 insights on leadership and transition from the frontlines of professional education. Read More

By Jacqueline Smith, Nikki Gusz, & Ryen Borden

Three lessons for intrapreneurship’s emerging community of practice. Read More

How can foundations become more effective in catalyzing and sustaining change? Join this SSIR Live! webinar on September 18 to learn how emergent strategy is helping funders tackle complex social problems. Read More

This conference, hosted by the Shared Value Initiative, FSG, and SSIR, will bring together business, education, and nonprofit leaders eager to explore new models to help address the world's educational needs. Read More

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