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SSIR Now! May 21, 2015
By Anisa Kamadoli Costa

To pursue its environmental mission, Tiffany & Co. balances corporate leadership with traditional philanthropic grantmaking. Read More

New to our series on how interventions in health can align more closely with what communities value:

Read More

By Madeleine Taylor

Participation in a network allows foundations to leverage their individual investment by surfacing multiple, ongoing opportunities for collaborative grantmaking. Read More

Playworks CEO Jill Vialet explains how play and recess offer largely untapped opportunities for adults to help students become more effective learners. New response to the Rethinking How Students Succeed debate. Read More

By Paul Klein

Solving major social problems is now possible, but not unless the organizations that have been most responsible for making a difference change significantly. Read More

By Samira Khan

Humanitarian aid needs a broader platform for collaborative innovation and resource management. Read More

This in-demand conference is at 98% capacity; register now before it sells out! Read More

Social enterprises are embracing lean experimentation—a practice that reduces waste and enables rapid implementation of promising ideas. Learn more at this SSIR Live! webinar on June 16. Read More

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