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SSIR Now! Nov 20, 2014

The latest issue features a number of articles on incremental innovation, extras you won't find in the print edition, and much more! Read the entire issue online now, including these all-new articles:

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By Eric Nee

Innovation comes in different forms, and most of the time it's not disruptive. An introduction to the winter 2015 issue. Read More

By Allison Fine

Most leaders of traditional organizations are missing enormous opportunities to tap into the social networks, ingenuity, and good will of their own constituents. Read More

By Jared Raynor

It’s time for a renewed conversation about building the systems, structures, and skills for social sector excellence. Read More

By Aleem Walji

A phased approach to innovation can help expert-oriented organizations embrace experimentation and learning. Read More

By Wendy Yaross

Five lessons from research on poverty in America. Read More

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Tune in to this SSIR Live! webinar to learn how funders are employing limited-life strategies to maximize their impact. Read More

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This CECP report provides the blueprint for corporations looking to expand their societal investment strategies globally with in-depth regional profiles of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. It gives global trends and benchmarking data with regional insights on factors influencing corporate giving. Download the report.


High-growth startup and scaleup businesses create all net new jobs in the United States. That's why some communities are now raising their own funds to invest capital into these high-growth ventures. Learn more about creating a fund strategy for your community.


The new Center for Social Impact Strategy at Penn's School of Social Policy and Practice offers an eight-month hybrid executive program that provides leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals with the training and support they need to make a greater impact. Apply by December 9!