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SSIR Now! Jul 24, 2014
By Suzie Boss

In London, the YMCA is combining prefab construction with stylish design to create a new kind of affordable home. Read More

By Gabriel A. Huppé

A new approach to unlocking institutional investments globally. Read More

By Maribel Morey

If the Hewlett Foundation’s Madison Initiative wants to strengthen American democracy, it needs to adopt a more multi-layered democratic theory. Read More

By Tasmia Rahman & Maria A. May

The power of anticipating the good, the bad, and the unexpected. Read More

By Nancy O. Andrews & Brandee McHale

We need to take a new, more holistic approach to creating economic opportunity. Read More

By Robert T. Esposito & Shawn Pelsinger

A look at how Hobby Lobby affects emerging corporate forms. Read More

This year's Nonprofit Management Institute will feature speakers from nonprofit, academic, government, and entrepreneurial backgrounds, providing attendees with a truly cross-sector view of what scaling means for their organizations. Register by August 8 for your last chance to save! Read More

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