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Innovative ideas to help leaders of nonprofits and NGOs be more effective


Review: The First 90 Days

By | Reviewed By Jason Baumgarten

Common sense advice for how to survive the launch into a new leadership role.


Review: Trustees of Culture

By | Reviewed By Frances Philipps

Are elite boards getting out of touch with their organizations' true purpose?


Review: Leading Quietly

By | Reviewed By Colleen Anne McCarthy

How middle managers can walk tall.


Review: Toxic Emotions at Work

By | Reviewed By Eric Westendorf

Organizations need to get better at talking about feelings.


Review: Leading Teams

By | Reviewed By Jason Baumgarten

Baumgarten offers strategies for creating team success.


Review: What’s the Big Idea?

By | Reviewed By Caroline Simard

The authors offer advice on how to spot and move on bright ideas.


Review: A Company of Citizens

By | Reviewed By Heidi Natkin

The answers to a motivated workforce may lie in ancient Greece.


Review: Living, Leading, and the American Dream

By | Reviewed By Bruce Sievers

Collection of essays by nonprofit leader John Gardner.

Marketing Research: That Won't Break the Bank Alan R. Andreasen

Marketing Research: That Won't Break the Bank

By Alan R. Andreasen | Reviewed By Claire Alexander

This straightforward book offers a primer in how to conduct effective and affordable market research that reveals valuable information about customers or clients.

Going Global: Transforming Relief and Development NGOs
Marc Lindenberg and Coralie Bryant

Going Global: Transforming Relief and Development NGOs

By Marc Lindenberg & Coralie Bryant | Reviewed By David F. Suarez

The leaders of international humanitarian organizations, such as CARE and Oxfam talk candidly about management strategy, organizational goals, advocacy, accountability, and partnerships.