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Excerpts and reviews of top books on social innovation


Nonprofit Management

Review: Toxic Emotions at Work

By | Reviewed By Eric Westendorf

Organizations need to get better at talking about feelings.


Nonprofit Management

Review: Leading Teams

By | Reviewed By Jason Baumgarten

Baumgarten offers strategies for creating team success.


Nonprofit Management

Review: What’s the Big Idea?

By | Reviewed By Caroline Simard

The authors offer advice on how to spot and move on bright ideas.


Economic Development

Review: A New Green Order?

By | Reviewed By Tim Perlstein

The World Bank's Global Environment Facility may be undermined by bureaucracy.


Nonprofit Management

Review: A Company of Citizens

By | Reviewed By Heidi Natkin

The answers to a motivated workforce may lie in ancient Greece.


Economic Development

Review: Despite Good Intentions

By | Reviewed By David Suarez

International development aid should be dissolved, argues Dichter.



Review: Living, Leading, and the American Dream

By | Reviewed By Bruce Sievers

Collection of essays by nonprofit leader John Gardner.

The New Economy of Nature Gretchen C. Daily and Katherine Ellison


The New Economy of Nature

By Gretchen C. Daily & Katherine Ellison | Reviewed By Carl Palmer

The authors describe a new approach to environmental conservation that takes market realities into account, rather than relying on philanthropy and altruism.

Marketing Research: That Won't Break the Bank Alan R. Andreasen

Nonprofit Management

Marketing Research: That Won't Break the Bank

By Alan R. Andreasen | Reviewed By Claire Alexander

This straightforward book offers a primer in how to conduct effective and affordable market research that reveals valuable information about customers or clients.

Going Global: Transforming Relief and Development NGOs
Marc Lindenberg and Coralie Bryant

Nonprofit Management

Going Global: Transforming Relief and Development NGOs

By Marc Lindenberg & Coralie Bryant | Reviewed By David F. Suarez

The leaders of international humanitarian organizations, such as CARE and Oxfam talk candidly about management strategy, organizational goals, advocacy, accountability, and partnerships.