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Technology & Design

SSIR’s New Website Is Here

The redesigned website was inspired and guided by feedback from readers.

By Jenifer Morgan | Jan. 5, 2012


ReCoding Good: Part 1

From the Field Series: An ongoing report of the Philanthropy, Policy, and Technology Project, which explores the use of private resources for public good.

By Lucy Bernholz | Dec. 19, 2011

Global Issues

Mobile Money: A Game Changer for Financial Inclusion

Imagine if everyone who had a cell phone could also have access to financial services, and could save and send money safely, regardless of location.



Will the FCC’s Digital Literacy Corps become a 21st Century Peace Corps? Maybe.

Will this Digital Literacy Corps be a 21st Century Peace Corps?

By Daniel Kent | Nov. 29, 2011

Technology & Design

Social Innovation Needs Design, and Design Needs Social Innovation

Social innovation needs people who know how to create lives filled with both success and purpose. It needs designers.

By Cheryl Heller | 2 | Nov. 28, 2011

Technology & Design

Social Networking Strategies: The Limits of Cutting and Pasting

Don't be fooled into thinking strategies for online engagement can be cut and pasted from one platform to the next.

By Amy Sample Ward | 5 | Nov. 22, 2011

Technology & Design

Why Social Innovators Need Design Thinking

Design is a process especially suited to divergent thinking—the exploration of new choices and alternative solutions.

By Tim Brown | Nov. 15, 2011

Technology & Design

From Crowdsourcing to CouchSurfing

An interview with Casey Fenton, co-founder of CouchSurfing.

By Roshan Paul | 1 | Nov. 10, 2011

Technology & Design

Walk With Makmende: Part 1

From the Field Series: A living case study of Makmende, which provides women in Nairobi with coordinated walking groups.

By Clare Corthell Bennett | Nov. 9, 2011

Technology & Design

PopTech: A Conference to Break Cynics

PopTech, the annual three-day meeting of innovators and do-gooders is a cynicism breaker.

By Tamara Straus | 1 | Oct. 26, 2011