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Practical Advice


Tips for social change leaders



Saving Lives and Money

A seven-point approach to unleashing the forces of innovation and impact.

By Eric G. Bing & Marc J. Epstein | 1 | Sep. 23, 2013


Big Bang Philanthropy

How one group of funders gets the most for the poverty-fighting buck.

By Kevin Starr & Andy Bryant | 1 | Sep. 19, 2013

Nonprofit Management

Using Story to Solve Social Problems

How narrative intelligence can help everyone design solutions and generate useful data.

By Denise Withers | 2 | Sep. 17, 2013

Nonprofit Management

Cut to the Chase: How Stories Engage

Three ways organizations can use story as a platform for social innovation.

By Denise Withers | 4 | Sep. 10, 2013

Who Gets Paid?

The funding that goes to intermediaries and consultants often dwarfs the support that social sector leaders, social entrepreneurs, and community-based advocates receive.

By Kriss Deiglmeier | 1 | Sep. 9, 2013

Nonprofit Management

Design Thinking for Evaluation and Learning

Three ways design thinking can maximize the relevance and impact of evaluation and organizational learning efforts.


Socially Responsible Business

Honing Talent Through Sustainability

Three things companies can do to improve their sustainability agenda to attract talent and improve employee productivity.


Board Governance

Transforming Board Members Into Energized Partners

Two ways nonprofit leaders can develop better, more productive relationships with their boards.

By Jeffrey C. Walker & Jennifer McCrea | 7 | Aug. 12, 2013

Board Governance

Shake Up Your Board Meeting

Boring nonprofit board meetings are deadly.

By Curtis Chang | 2 | Aug. 1, 2013

Impact Investing

Ups and Downs of Social Finance

Defaults in social finance and impact investing do happen: our experience and what the sector can learn from it.

By Leonardo Letelier & Rob Packer | 3 | Jul. 23, 2013