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Technology & Design

You Can Has Memesez?

Three guidelines for any nonprofit looking to join an Internet meme.

By Amy Sample Ward | 2 | Jul. 11, 2012

Technology & Design

Social Media: Getting Value Means Giving Value

Four tips for moving your social media out of zombie status—and making your investment in it worthwhile.

By Curtis Chang | 1 | Jul. 10, 2012

Measuring Social Impact

Measurement that Benefits the Measured

Three forms of engagement that can help nonprofits better respond to the needs and strengths of their constituents.

By Matthew Forti | 2 | Jun. 25, 2012

Nonprofit Management

It’s Time To Be Fearless

Five values are at the root of every fearless approach to creating change.

By Jean Case | 13 | Jun. 4, 2012


Local Library or Management Service Organization?

Indiana’s Foellinger Foundation is using free library services to boost grantee effectiveness.

By Jean Butzen | 3 | May. 31, 2012

Nonprofit Management

War Games and Other Tools to Reinvent Your Nonprofit

Five tips for organizations that need to change how they operate.

By Curtis Chang | 1 | May. 30, 2012

Nonprofit Management

Six Theory of Change Pitfalls to Avoid

Simply putting boxes and lines down on paper doesn’t guarantee that your organization will make better decisions.

By Matthew Forti | 5 | May. 23, 2012

Board Governance

Social Sector Peer Evaluation: A Proposal

Imagine a new nonprofit board governance practice where organizations engaged peers to assess their work.

By Aaron Hurst | 4 | May. 14, 2012


From Charitable Giving to Strategic Investing

Foundations are shifting the conversation about their work and impact.

By Katherine Miller | 1 | May. 4, 2012

Nonprofit Management

Finding the Right Measurement Director

New research reveals that most organizations prioritize the wrong skills in their search for a measurement director.

By Matthew Forti | 5 | Apr. 24, 2012