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Impact Investing

Protecting and Monitoring Impact as an Investor: Part II

Tactics and tools for monitoring impact investments.

By Brian Axelrad | Oct. 5, 2012
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Impact Investing

Protecting and Monitoring Impact as an Investor: Part I

Tactics for negotiating the terms of an impact investment.

By Brian Axelrad | Oct. 4, 2012


The Rise of the Viral Fundraising Campaign

"Going viral” has moved beyond satisfying our desire to be shocked and amused; it’s now tapping into our desire to help.

By Erika Racicot | 3 | Sep. 28, 2012

Impact Investing

Sectors, Not Just Firms

Part I in Omidyar Network’s case for a sector-based approach to impact investing.

By Matt Bannick & Paula Goldman | 7 | Sep. 25, 2012

Measuring Social Impact

Communicating Impact: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

Nonprofits can use tried-and-true mechanisms from the private sector to better communicate their impact to donors

By Matthew Forti | Sep. 25, 2012


Real World Impact Measurement

“Good enough” = simple enough to do, but rigorous enough to mean something.

By Kevin Starr & Laura Hattendorf | 1 | Sep. 24, 2012


The Eight-Word Mission Statement

Don’t settle for more.

By Kevin Starr | 26 | Sep. 18, 2012


Philanthropy in China: The Time Is Now

Three guidelines for philanthropists, foundations, and nonprofits that want to use philanthropy as a means for impact in China.

By Katherine Miller | 3 | Sep. 17, 2012

Civil Society

A Faithful Force for Good

Religious organizations are powerful catalysts for social change.

By Andrew Wilkes | Sep. 6, 2012

Measuring Social Impact

The Present Value of Social Investment

How to calculate the value of a social investment made now versus at a future date.

By Aaron Hurst | 2 | Aug. 1, 2012