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Practical Advice


Tips for social change leaders



Five Lessons for New Philanthropists

Before tackling complex social problems, new philanthropists should consider what current philanthropists have learned about how to “hack.”


Social Entrepreneurship

Naming the Mindsets of Innovation

Social sector leaders can encourage innovation by fostering three productive mindsets.

By David Dabscheck | 1 | Jul. 13, 2015


Why Fundraising in Rounds Works

Setting specific periods for reaching out to donors can help nonprofits stay focused on their goals and balance fundraising efforts with the work of the organization.

By Chase Adam | 10 | Jul. 9, 2015


Creating Health in the 21st Century

Five principles to guide how communities can develop new pathways to health, plus concrete steps toward contributing to a culture that values connections and relationships as much as treatments and health campaigns.



Operating When You Can’t See the Full Picture

Three principles for solving complex, systemic problems like improving community health.

By Jeff Cohen | Jun. 11, 2015


Cultivating and Sustaining Generative Teams

Four practices that can help people establish common intent; sense emerging needs and solutions; and collectively prototype, create, and evolve innovative health models and relationships.

By Margaret A. Hawthorne | Jun. 4, 2015

Nonprofit Management

Four Learning Principles for the Social Sector

Creative solutions to common learning challenges that social innovators face.

By Alexander Saint-Amand | 1 | Jun. 2, 2015


Emerging Tools for Community-Driven Evaluations

Eight tools for building inclusive, community programs to address health and other social issues.

By Deepthi Welaratna | May. 28, 2015


A “Watch-Out” for Private Foundations Offering Prizes

No-strings-attached prizes incentivize innovation, but private foundations need to structure them carefully to avoid prohibitive penalty taxes.



Building Trust with Communities of Color

Strategies for engaging communities of color in local health initiatives.