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Online Giving


Innovative ways to use the Internet to raise and donate money



Avoiding Four Pitfalls in Digital Learning

Early approaches are advancing fruitful dialogue around how to accelerate the revolutionary potential of online education and enable better outcomes for graduates.

By Harrison Keller & Andrew Belton | 1 | Jul. 16, 2015


Giving That Gets Engagement

A look at growing engagement in #GivingTuesday and common themes that emerged during the 8-week Giving That Gets Results series.

By Susan Wolf Ditkoff & Henry Timms | 1 | Dec. 11, 2013

Online Giving

Scrooge’s Revenge: More on Giving Tuesday

Pushing back against efforts that are likely to lead to disappointment, and three ways we might reframe the initiative.

By Timothy Ogden | 1 | Dec. 20, 2012


The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Giving Tuesday

The effort to make giving public and start a “giving season” won’t materially affect giving in any positive way.

By Timothy Ogden | 2 | Nov. 26, 2012

Technology & Design

Social Media: Getting Value Means Giving Value

Four tips for moving your social media out of zombie status—and making your investment in it worthwhile.

By Curtis Chang | 1 | Jul. 10, 2012

Technology & Design

Gaming with a Purpose

Serious games tap into the same culture of online friendship from social networking to fuel peer involvement and encourage collaboration around real-world challenges.

By William Brindley | Jul. 9, 2012
SSIR blogger Stephanie Wolcott is social responsibility director for the Alcoa Foundation in New York City and serves as content contributor to KIN Global at the Kellogg School of Management.


Make It Personal

The rapid spread of social media has catapulted the possibilities and scale of relationship-building into the stratosphere.

By Stephanie Wolcott | 2 | Dec. 5, 2011

Online Giving The Dynamics of Group Lending

Transforming the world of microfinance, has successfully implemented strategies that powerfully effect human engagement.

By Scott E. Hartley | 1 | Apr. 5, 2010

Stop What You Are Doing Right Now and Donate to

We can’t let Idealist go down like this. We need them. And now, they need us.

By Rosetta Thurman | Feb. 1, 2010

Online Giving

Haiti Relief Shows Digital Giving’s Potential

The massive charitable response to the devastation in Haiti should be a wake-up call for the charitable marketplace.

By Todd Cohen | 4 | Jan. 25, 2010