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Innovative ideas to help leaders of nonprofits and NGOs be more effective


Social Entrepreneurship

Doing Less, Better

The real competitive advantage of social enterprise, compared to traditional charities isn’t revenue generation—it’s the ability to focus on fewer things.

By Dave Algoso | Jul. 31, 2015


Architecting for Data

Four ways nonprofits can cut through the data hype and start using data on purpose.

By Rahul Bhargava | 2 | Jul. 30, 2015


Why We Love to Hate Nonprofits

Three common and harmful prejudices against charitable organizations, and how nonprofits can subvert them.

By Allison Gauss | 9 | Jul. 29, 2015


Building Movements, Not Organizations

Creating a healthy, humane world will require more than new organizational designs. It will take rethinking the nature of organizations entirely.

By Hildy Gottlieb | 6 | Jul. 28, 2015

Corporate Philanthropy

Improving Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships

Three ways corporations can more effectively partner with nonprofits.



Why the Social Sector Needs the Scientific Method

A flawed study on deworming children—and new studies that expose its errors—reveal why activists and philanthropists alike need safeguards.

By Caroline Fiennes | 4 | Jul. 22, 2015

Measuring Social Impact

Making Evidence Practical for Development

Three ways to make research and evaluation in international development more relevant, ethical, and applied.

By Joe Dickman & Samir Khan | Jul. 21, 2015


Avoiding Four Pitfalls in Digital Learning

Early approaches are advancing fruitful dialogue around how to accelerate the revolutionary potential of online education and enable better outcomes for graduates.

By Harrison Keller & Andrew Belton | 1 | Jul. 16, 2015

Nonprofit Management

Overcoming the Fear Factor in Nonprofit Decision-Making

Nonprofits have the potential to achieve far more by decentralizing and clarifying power and decision-making within their organizations.

By Steve Scheier | Jul. 10, 2015


Why Fundraising in Rounds Works

Setting specific periods for reaching out to donors can help nonprofits stay focused on their goals and balance fundraising efforts with the work of the organization.

By Chase Adam | 10 | Jul. 9, 2015