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Nonprofit Management


Innovative ideas to help nonprofit leaders better manage their organization


Nonprofit Management

The Nonprofitization of Business

Two areas where business can begin to learn from nonprofits.

By Ken Berger & Jeremy Kohomban | 2 | Jul. 3, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

Coming Together with Purpose

How to make convenings that matter.

By Anna Muoio & Noah Rimland Flower | 2 | Jun. 27, 2013

Civil Society

Civil Society and Significant Change—Are We Ready?

Given the scope and urgency of the many changes facing the social sector, it’s time to build new bridges for cross-sector and cross-generation learning.

By Bonnie Koenig | 7 | Jun. 21, 2013

Nonprofit Management

Unlocking the Mystery of Volunteer Retention

How Girl Scouts of Northern California is using advanced predictive analytics to inform its volunteer management practices.


Nonprofit Management

Role Play: Define Your Role So Social Change Can Flow

By understanding their unique role in the social change landscape, nonprofit organizations can increase their impact.

By Theresa Fay-Bustillos | 3 | Jun. 6, 2013

Nonprofit Management

What Nonprofits Need

Three things that funders can learn from Nonprofit Finance Fund’s 2013 State of the Sector Survey.


Nonprofit Management

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mentors

How to make the most of being a mentor.

By Jennifer Przybylo & Nina Vasan | 9 | Jun. 3, 2013


Donor Collaborations: Size Matters Less Than You Think

A response to a recent article on high stakes donor collaborations, highlighting the New York Merger, Acquisition, and Collaboration Fund.

By John MacIntosh | 1 | May. 24, 2013


It Can Be Smart to Dumb Things Down

Keeping your message simple helps mobilize people in support of your goals.

By Doug Hattaway & Jenn Henrichsen | 2 | May. 17, 2013

Measuring Social Impact

Measuring to Improve vs. Improving Measurement

From Skoll World Forum 2013: Will new measurement tools such as “big data” be a big distraction or a big opportunity?

By Matthew Forti | 3 | May. 7, 2013