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Measuring Social Impact


Innovative ways to measure the impact that an organization has on society


Measuring Social Impact

A New Approach to India’s Water Sanitation Crisis: Part 1

A two-part series on using systems mapping to predict a city’s capacity for adopting change.

By Urvashi Prasad & Semonti Basu | 5 | Mar. 29, 2013

Measuring Social Impact

Ten Years of Performance Measurement

Five successes to celebrate, and five areas where we need to see more progress.

By Matthew Forti | Mar. 26, 2013

Nonprofit Management

Steps to Successful Performance Management

Practical advice to help organizations implement results-focused performance management—part two of a two-part series.

By David E. K. Hunter | 1 | Mar. 19, 2013

Nonprofit Management

Getting Out from Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Why organizations need to build capacities to manage performance, and how they can develop a “theory of change” to do so—part one of a two-part series.

By David E. K. Hunter | Mar. 19, 2013

Measuring Social Impact

Measuring Impact: Keep It Clear and Simple

How clearly defining measures, and keeping them simple and meaningful, has helped World Vision increase access to clean water.

By Larry Probus | 3 | Mar. 15, 2013

Measuring Social Impact

Impact Over Organizational Interest

A look at new research from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations.

By Kathleen P. Enright | 2 | Feb. 26, 2013

Measuring Social Impact

Mind the Gap

Stronger ties between academic evaluators and social innovators would hugely benefit both sides.

By Neil Reeder | 1 | Feb. 25, 2013
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#SMoP-ping Up Nonprofit Social Media Angst

Frameworks and tools for building strategy—a report from the Social Media on Purpose conference.

By Jenifer Morgan | 3 | Jan. 31, 2013

Measuring Social Impact

Measuring Impact Through Field Experiments

It is important to remember that while all this studying is great, innovators should place a higher priority on helping people when some program or product is effective.

By Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan | Jan. 25, 2013

Measuring Social Impact

How to Ask the Right Questions

Who is the target population for a microcredit intervention? Your answer will depend largely on where you sit: Academics and microfinance institutions will be interested in different groups of people.

By Jenny Stefanotti | Jan. 25, 2013