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Behind the scenes with leaders of social change



Balancing Act

A conversation with South African Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan.

By Rik Kirkland | Apr. 18, 2013


How Leading Philanthropists Fail Well

Five insights from results-oriented philanthropists on how to reap the benefits of failure.

By Matthew Plummer & Matthew Forti | 1 | Feb. 19, 2013


Nonprofit Collaboration and Allowing What Can Be

A look at the new Patterson Foundation.

By Jean Butzen | Oct. 15, 2012


Actionable Measurement at the Gates Foundation

A conversation with Jodi Nelson, head of measurement and evaluation.

By Matthew Forti | Aug. 29, 2012

Civil Society

Q&A with Interfaith Leader Eboo Patel

Spreading religious pluralism in a time of violent prejudice.

By Courtney E. Martin | Aug. 14, 2012

Economic Development

Running for Economic Development in Kenya

An interview with Wilson Kiriungi, CEO of Run with Kenyans.

By Chris Markl | 1 | Aug. 3, 2012

Technology & Design

Building Better Solutions Together, Faster

A look at the innovative *Weekend Movement in Malaysia.

By Glenn Fajardo | 16 | Apr. 25, 2012

Socially Responsible Business

Evolving Social Innovation for Brands in Brazil

Q&A with Dhaval Chadha of Cria Global.

By Jody Turner | 1 | Apr. 19, 2012

Nonprofit Management

Shared Space Strategies: An Interview with China Brotsky

Q&A with a visionary leader in the national shared spaces movement.

By Jean Butzen | 1 | Mar. 23, 2012

Technology & Design

Q&A with MASS Co-founder Michael Murphy

A new generation of architects and designers are raising expectations for the public interest design movement.

By Courtney E. Martin | Feb. 7, 2012