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Innovations in health care policies and programs



Don’t Dig a Deep Hole, Then Leave

Philanthropy lessons from India—Padmini Somani, head of two different foundations, talks about following the data and staying the course.



Saving Lives and Money

A seven-point approach to unleashing the forces of innovation and impact.

By Eric G. Bing & Marc J. Epstein | 1 | Sep. 23, 2013

Economic Development

Disabled Youth Get Quality Jobs

CPDL demonstrates a scalable public-private partnership model that trains disabled youth and links them to jobs in the organized sector.



Last Mile Gaps in the Affordable Care Act

Three massive and untapped entrepreneurial opportunities.

By Chris Bishko & Kavita Patel | 1 | Jul. 8, 2013


What Can Africa Do for Obama?

We should not overlook innovations in the subcontinent that could be transformative in the United States.

By Michael Murphy & Alan Ricks | Jul. 3, 2013


All for One and One for All

Five ways data and technology will change the way we think about and act on health.

By Mark Tobias | 1 | Jun. 28, 2013

Human Rights

Assessing the Health Impacts of Immigration Policy

How detention and deportation policies harm the health and well-being of children and families.

By Lili Farhang | Jun. 17, 2013

Impact Investing

Aligning Interests in Impact Investing

If we want to develop a new industry, alignment of interests is critical for long-term success.

By Daniel Izzo | Jun. 13, 2013


What is The Future of Hospital Community Benefit Programs?

Health systems need to rethink their programs to take full advantage of health reform—and reframe their value to the communities they serve.

By Chris Kabel | 2 | Jun. 5, 2013

Social Entrepreneurship

Where Is the BOP Health Care Fortune?

Research shows that healthcare social enterprises are segmenting the BOP and leaving the bottom 50 percent of consumers behind.

By Andy Thornton | 4 | May. 23, 2013