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Innovations in health care policies and programs


Global Issues

Rio+20: Is a $513 Billion Down Payment Enough?

Advances in reducing poverty, environmental protection, and other global issues threaten the status quo—a report from Rio+20.

By Jigar Shah | Jul. 2, 2012

Positioned for Transformation: Expanding the Scope of Health Care

The opportunities and challenges behind addressing the gap between a patient’s medical and social needs.



Focus on Health

Critics of Obamacare have taken away attention from important aspects of the act, such as its focus on keeping people healthy.

By Eric Nee | May. 17, 2012


HP’s Cross-Sector Health Partnership in Kenya

HP’s work with the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Kenyan government on early infant diagnosis of HIV is saving lives.

By Gabi Zedlmayer | Apr. 25, 2012

Socially Responsible Business

Leveling the Playing Field

US Federal subsidies encourage waste and incentivize unsustainable business practices.

By Jeffrey Hollender | 3 | Apr. 5, 2012

Economic Development

Survey: Can Management Consulting Help Tiny Firms Grow?

Predict the results of two recent development studies, conducted by IPA, one of the world's leading poverty research organizations.

By Annie Duflo & Dean Karlan | 9 | Feb. 23, 2012

Technology & Design

Q&A with MASS Co-founder Michael Murphy

A new generation of architects and designers are raising expectations for the public interest design movement.

By Courtney E. Martin | Feb. 7, 2012

Urban Development

Space: The Social Change Frontier

Exploring open spaces, parks, gardens, and trails as tools for social impact.

By Eric Friedenwald-Fishman | Jan. 30, 2012
Charlotte Benishek Global Citizen Year SSIR


Hypertension: A Global Citizen Year Story

How, and when, is the right time to focus on food education, not simply food security?

By Charlotte Benishek | Jan. 20, 2012

Economic Development

Too Poor to Earn? Changing Assumptions About the Ultra Poor

The best way to help the ultra poor is not by giving them a handout, but by giving them an opportunity.

By Jim Sorenson & Sachi Shenoy | Dec. 27, 2011