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Innovative public sector policies and programs


Socially Responsible Business

Is Business the New Charity?

Investing in small business and new ventures is a good thing and vital to our communities, but we must not confuse it with charity or strategic long-term social investment.

By Aaron Hurst | 8 | Jun. 26, 2012

Technology & Design

ReCoding Good: Part 7

From the Field Series: An ongoing report of the Philanthropy, Policy, and Technology Project, which explores the use of private resources for public good.


Technology & Design

The New Internet Public

Social networks are bringing new voices to the table and forcing political change in ways previously impossible—a report from the Personal Democracy Forum.

By Marcia Stepanek | 2 | Jun. 15, 2012

Corporate Philanthropy

Collective Impact Gathers Momentum

Making multi-sector collaborations work—a report from the CECP 2012 Corporate Philanthropy Summit.

By Eric Nee | 4 | Jun. 8, 2012


Solving D.C. Gridlock Without Sacrificing the Voice of the Minority

Storable votes offer a potential new direction for solving gridlock in polarized environments.



Focus on Health

Critics of Obamacare have taken away attention from important aspects of the act, such as its focus on keeping people healthy.

By Eric Nee | May. 17, 2012


Opening the Door for Program Related Investments

Proposed new rules by the Treasury Department and the IRS would make it easier for philanthropies to make Program Related Investments.

By Jonathan Greenblatt | 1 | May. 11, 2012

Economic Development

A Fresh Take on Building Prosperous Cities

Local government strategic planning is needed to move cities forward at the necessary rate of reform.

By Mayor Sam Adams | 5 | May. 9, 2012

Civil Society

Instagram-Style Innovation in the Public Sector

What if we leveraged the ingenuity and resources in Silicon Valley for the improvement and renewal of the rest of the country?

By Courtney E. Martin | 5 | May. 2, 2012


Accelerating the Impact Economy Through Investment and Innovation

By Kris Balderston & Lala Faiz | 2 | Apr. 25, 2012