Global Issues


Innovations that address global challenges such as education, environment, and health



Where are the Rio+20 Billions for Distributed Solar?

India and Africa are ideal markets for distributed solar—will some of the $513 billion in commitments made at Riio+20 get deployed there?

By Jigar Shah | Oct. 3, 2012

Civil Society

The Tricky Business of Cultural Change

If real, radical cultural change is a goal of the Clinton Global Initiative, then real rich people are part of the problem and fundamental to the solution.

By Courtney E. Martin | Oct. 2, 2012

Global Issues

Impatient Capital

Highlights from the Clinton Global Initiative 2012.

By Marcia Stepanek | Sep. 28, 2012

Urban Development

A Tree Grows in Chula Vista

Chula Vista, California, is on the leading edge of climate adaptation planning at the community level.

By Robert Searle | 3 | Sep. 21, 2012

Technology & Design

Campus Party: It’s not a “Spanish Thing”

A look at a generational cohort that the world must engage.

By Daniel Ben-Horin | 6 | Sep. 20, 2012


The Last Hunger Season

One Acre Fund's Andrew Youn: "Agriculture is the fundamental humanitarian challenge of our time."

By Roger Thurow | 1 | Sep. 19, 2012

Human Rights

If Stoves Could Kill

Political advocacy, humanitarian intervention, and the “manageable problem.”

By Samer Abdelnour | 9 | Sep. 17, 2012

Technology & Design

Is the UN Really Trying to Take Over the Internet?

A look at new proposals to change how our Internet is governed.

By Keisha Taylor | 1 | Sep. 13, 2012

Impact Investing

Life Bonds: Linking Returns to Life Outcomes

Proposed new life bonds represent one potential mechanism for leveraging the power of financial markets to reduce poverty.

By Jamie Attard | 1 | Sep. 12, 2012

Economic Development

Information as a Cash Crop

In East Africa, access to accurate, timely information is improving the livelihood of entrepreneurial farmers.

By Konstantin Zvereff | Sep. 11, 2012