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Global Issues


Innovations that address global challenges such as education, environment, and health


Corporate Philanthropy

CSR Rule #1: Do No Harm

Corporate philanthropy is complicated and may have multiple objectives but Peter Karoff, Founder of The Philanthropic Initiative, argues its ultimate intention should be to do no harm.

By Peter Karoff | 1 | Jun. 28, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

Changing the Social Sector’s Policy Pitch

The social sector has utterly failed to create a compelling pitch to the political sector about what we do.

By Rich Tafel | 12 | Jun. 27, 2012

Socially Responsible Business

Is Business the New Charity?

Investing in small business and new ventures is a good thing and vital to our communities, but we must not confuse it with charity or strategic long-term social investment.

By Aaron Hurst | 8 | Jun. 26, 2012


Entrepreneurial Synthesis in Higher Education

How can global communication help students understand the world better and grow as innovators?

By Stefano Guidotti | Jun. 22, 2012

Technology & Design

ReCoding Good: Part 7

From the Field Series: An ongoing report of the Philanthropy, Policy, and Technology Project, which explores the use of private resources for public good.



Fun: The Missing Ingredient

Online games make school relevant and engaging.

By Allyson Peerman | 2 | Jun. 20, 2012

Technology & Design

Developing Runways for Technology to Land

Connecting online and on-ground leads to greater impact.

By Glenn Fajardo | 8 | Jun. 18, 2012

Technology & Design

The New Internet Public

Social networks are bringing new voices to the table and forcing political change in ways previously impossible—a report from the Personal Democracy Forum.

By Marcia Stepanek | 2 | Jun. 15, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

Mainstreaming Gender Lens Investing

Investing in women is an opportunity, not a constraint—and one that can accelerate change for everyone.

By Jackie VanderBrug | 15 | Jun. 12, 2012


Warning Signs for Personalized Learning

A more nuanced, shared language to describe how online and blended learning differ from other forms of digital instruction is crucial to lasting educational change.

By Heather Clayton Staker | Jun. 11, 2012