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From The Field


On-the-ground reports from social enterprises and other projects around the world


Economic Development

Information as a Cash Crop

In East Africa, access to accurate, timely information is improving the livelihood of entrepreneurial farmers.

By Konstantin Zvereff | Sep. 11, 2012


A Simple Method to Improve College Graduation Rates

A case study of Boston-area organization Bottom Line.

By Arshad Merchant | 3 | Sep. 4, 2012


Regionalizing US Food Systems

Exploring the role of regional models—takeaways from the University of Vermont’s first-ever food systems summit.

By Cynthia Belliveau | 2 | Aug. 23, 2012


India Needs More Teachers, Better Teachers

If teachers aren’t focused on guiding students to learn and gain knowledge, the fight against educational inequity won’t progress.

By Devanik Saha | 4 | Aug. 14, 2012

Global Issues

The Three R’s of the London Summer

An update on social innovation news and events from England's capital.

By Charmian Love | Aug. 13, 2012


Exploring Philanthropy and Impact Investing in China

A look at best practices between the US and China, and reflections from a recent Phoenix Global Impact trip.

By Jenna Nicholas | Jul. 27, 2012
Joe _Whitworth_headshot_The_Freshwater_Trust


Holding the Line Means Losing

Using quantified conservation for environmental gain.

By Joe Whitworth | Jul. 24, 2012

Impact Investing

ReCoding Good: Part 8

From the Field Series: An ongoing report of the Philanthropy, Policy, and Technology Project, which explores the use of private resources for public good.

By Lucy Bernholz & Rob Reich | Jul. 13, 2012

Technology & Design

Gaming with a Purpose

Serious games tap into the same culture of online friendship from social networking to fuel peer involvement and encourage collaboration around real-world challenges.

By William Brindley | Jul. 9, 2012


Entrepreneurial Synthesis in Higher Education

How can global communication help students understand the world better and grow as innovators?

By Stefano Guidotti | Jun. 22, 2012