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Innovations in sustainable energy



The Case for Energy Abundance

An alternate paradigm for climate and energy.

By Rachel Pritzker | 12 | Dec. 12, 2014


Divesting from Fossil Fuels, Investing in the Future

A new philanthropic approach to supporting new energy solutions is gaining momentum.

By Jenna Nicholas | 6 | Oct. 8, 2014
SSIR blogger Abigail Noble is head of Africa and Latin America for the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and a Global Leadership Fellow with the World Economic Forum.

Impact Investing

Impact Investors Are Raising Their Game

To bring impact investing into the mainstream, the World Economic Forum is using market-simulated games to advance the conversations.

By Abigail Noble & Michael Drexler | 1 | Jun. 13, 2014


Squaring Global Poverty with Climate Change

Meeting the energy demands of modern society without destroying the planet will require a new approach to climate and energy issues.

By Rachel Pritzker | 3 | Mar. 20, 2014


Securing Our Energy Future

A cleaner, more decentralized energy system will provide a healthier and more secure future.

By Joseph Zammit-Lucia | 1 | Mar. 1, 2013


Where are the Rio+20 Billions for Distributed Solar?

India and Africa are ideal markets for distributed solar—will some of the $513 billion in commitments made at Riio+20 get deployed there?

By Jigar Shah | Oct. 3, 2012

Impact Investing

Social Media Won’t Drive a New Economy

Social media investments will not drive a new economy powerful and pervasive enough to employ millions of people.

By Jigar Shah | 2 | Aug. 30, 2012

Global Issues

The Three R’s of the London Summer

An update on social innovation news and events from England's capital.

By Charmian Love | Aug. 13, 2012

Global Issues

Rio+20: Is a $513 Billion Down Payment Enough?

Advances in reducing poverty, environmental protection, and other global issues threaten the status quo—a report from Rio+20.

By Jigar Shah | Jul. 2, 2012

Technology & Design

Following in Buckminster Fuller’s Footsteps

Living Buildings Challenge, a project of the International Living Future Institute, is the winner of this year’s Buckminster Fuller Institute award.

By Pablo Freund | Jun. 7, 2012