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Innovations in educational policies and programs



Education in India: Time for a Bold New Experiment

Public and private schools are failing to give children in India a good education—we need an alternative approach.

By Susannah Hares | 25 | Mar. 13, 2013

Technology & Design

MOOC-sourcing for Social Good

Engaging communities of learners in massively open online courses to use their knowledge—and numbers—for good.

By Nabeel Gillani | 2 | Mar. 11, 2013


What’s Holding Back Mobile Phones for Education?

Mobile broadband will revolutionize learning networks around content delivery and workforce development.

By Linda Raftree & Nick Martin | 1 | Feb. 11, 2013


A First Step for Ed Reform: Getting the Metrics Right

Many programs targeting low-performing students rely on data that doesn’t indicate a real understanding of impact on students’ lives.

By Alexa Culwell | 8 | Feb. 4, 2013


Pushing MOOCs the Last Mile

Online education is already changing the way people learn all over the world, but is it reaching the populations that can benefit most?

By Teresa Chahine | 2 | Dec. 27, 2012


What Price Democracy?

A slippery slope: from good-willed private philanthropy in support of public goals to a system in which private goals predominate.

By Kelly Kleiman | 1 | Dec. 20, 2012
Jenifer Morgan is the digital editor of Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Technology & Design

Mirrors to Windows, and Youth Innovation

Tech education and the power of opportunity—a report from the Social Innovation Summit.

By Jenifer Morgan | 1 | Dec. 10, 2012


Measuring to Scale What Works at the YMCA

Armed with robust shared measurement systems, national nonprofit networks are well positioned to scale promising and proven programs.



The Tao of Doing Good

Navigating between anger and acceptance in solving social issues.

By David Allyn | 1 | Nov. 30, 2012


Entrepreneurial Education

A new resource aims to nurture the next generation of social entrepreneurs and support them in their efforts to create social value in innovative ways.