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Innovations in educational policies and programs



Fun: The Missing Ingredient

Online games make school relevant and engaging.

By Allyson Peerman | 2 | Jun. 20, 2012


Warning Signs for Personalized Learning

A more nuanced, shared language to describe how online and blended learning differ from other forms of digital instruction is crucial to lasting educational change.

By Heather Clayton Staker | Jun. 11, 2012


Training to Save?

Does financial education training for children in Ghana help instill a culture of good decision-making? Take a reader survey and find out.

By Annie Duflo & Dean Karlan | 3 | May. 31, 2012


What Higher Education Should Look Like

A look at the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership.

By Roshan Paul | 4 | May. 25, 2012

Economic Development

A Fresh Take on Building Prosperous Cities

Local government strategic planning is needed to move cities forward at the necessary rate of reform.

By Mayor Sam Adams | 5 | May. 9, 2012


“Nothing About Us Without Us” Approach Transforms Foster Care in Florida

By understanding what beneficiaries think works and doesn’t work, foundations and nonprofits can provide better programs.

Jonathan_Isham_Jr_Middlebury_College_Middlebury’s_Environmental_Studies_Program_Middlebury_Center_for_Socia_ Entrepreneurship_Brighter_Planet


A Call to Arms for New Education Models

Leaders of higher education create learning communities where revolutions can begin every day.

By Jonathan Isham Jr. | Mar. 13, 2012


Role Play: Whom Does Higher Education Serve?

What does it mean to be a student in the 21st century? And what is the role of the university in fostering the health of communities?

By Michèle Leaman | Mar. 9, 2012


Toward Entrepreneurial Universities for the 21st Century

What are public research institutions doing—or what should they do—to fulfill their compact with the citizens of their states?

By Rick Cherwitz | Mar. 5, 2012
SSIR blogger Michael Horn is the executive director of Innosight Institute, a nonprofit think tank focused on education and innovation, and the author of the award-winning book, Disrupting Class.


Conversation Spotlights Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education

A variety of entities are utilizing online learning to launch disruptive innovations in higher education, making education more convenient, accessible, and lower-cost.

By Michael Horn | 3 | Feb. 21, 2012