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Economic Development


Social innovations that improve the living standards of the poor


Economic Development

There’s No G-D-P in “A Better Economy”

Shifting the focus away from GDP would lead to real economic progress.

By Rob Dietz & Dan O'Neill | 5 | Jan. 7, 2013

Economic Development

Imagine Trying to Get a Loan Without a Financial Identity

InVenture enables people in India and Kenya to send their financial data via SMS and get a simple financial overview of their monetary lives.

By Esha Chhabra | 1 | Dec. 21, 2012
Ben_Hecht_Living Cities_ManagingNonprofits.org_Developing_Affordable_Housing_Georgetown_University_Law_Center

Economic Development

Community Development: Reflecting on What Works

The community development sector's traditional tools and relationships are outdated and insufficient to address current problems.

By Ben Hecht | 2 | Dec. 7, 2012

Economic Development

Designing a Social Impact Bond in the Tropics

Five early lessons on implementing SIBs in developing countries.


Economic Development

The Value of Informal Enterprise

Informal enterprise is expanding rapidly, raising questions about what we mean when we say “the” economy and how we can better engage with it.

By Abby Margolis | 3 | Nov. 1, 2012


The Poverty Credential

Politicians' personal stories about overcoming poverty won’t fuel economic mobility.

By John Brothers | 1 | Oct. 30, 2012


Remixing Microfinance

Microfinance has tended to grow by faithful replication of well-established models; it is now time to experiment with hybrid models that bring together the best features of each.

By Ignacio Mas | 1 | Oct. 30, 2012


Managing Our Way to Economic Decline, Revisited

Businesses worldwide are putting themselves at risk if they don’t respond effectively to the story of climate change.

By Lars Moratis | Oct. 25, 2012

Economic Development

Accelerating Job Creation Results

An innovative investment opportunity to increase results—not rhetoric—on quality job creation for all.

By Jose Corona | 6 | Oct. 24, 2012

Global Issues

Impatient Capital

Highlights from the Clinton Global Initiative 2012.

By Marcia Stepanek | Sep. 28, 2012