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Civil Society


Social innovations that enrich society and enhance democratic participation


Economic Development

Taking Lessons from Africa’s Youth

Those who want a prosperous future for the continent need to engage—and listen to—its young leaders.

By Sir Fazle Hasan Abed & Reeta Roy | 4 | Jun. 13, 2013

Civil Society

Painting the Internet Red

A case study on how the Human Rights Campaign successfully used online cause marketing.

By Anastasia Khoo | 1 | May. 1, 2013

Technology & Design

Designing for the Science of Service Delivery

A case study on using design thinking to solve governance bottlenecks in Jamaica.

By Joshua Goldstein | Apr. 23, 2013

Technology & Design

Second Life’s Second Life for Social Innovation

Researchers explore the effects of virtual embodiment among people with Parkinson’s disease.

By Jody Turner & Donna Davis | Mar. 25, 2013

Nonprofit Management

Stop Asking and Start Listening

Leadership and communication: what we can learn from not speaking.

By Thaler Pekar | 1 | Mar. 7, 2013


Sequestering the Sector

With the threat of a sequester looming, the charitable sector risks being boxed in.

By Melissa A. Berman | 5 | Feb. 28, 2013


Democracy and Philanthropy

How private giving can contribute to the needs of American democracy.


Civil Society

The New Public Square

In a time of limitless connectivity, mass collaboration, access and sharing of knowledge worldwide, public media steps in to focus the clamor on civic discourse and social change.

By Sally Jo Fifer | 1 | Dec. 11, 2012

Technology & Design

Transforming Democracy Through Digital Technology

Five lessons from groundbreaking women.

By Courtney Martin | 3 | Dec. 3, 2012


An Organizational Ethics Disaster

The New England Compounding Center meningitis case spotlights the tragic consequences of failed organizational ethics.

By Susan Liautaud | Nov. 16, 2012