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Civil Society


Social innovations that enrich society and enhance democratic participation



Democracy and Philanthropy

How private giving can contribute to the needs of American democracy.


Civil Society

The New Public Square

In a time of limitless connectivity, mass collaboration, access and sharing of knowledge worldwide, public media steps in to focus the clamor on civic discourse and social change.

By Sally Jo Fifer | 1 | Dec. 11, 2012

Technology & Design

Transforming Democracy Through Digital Technology

Five lessons from groundbreaking women.

By Courtney Martin | 3 | Dec. 3, 2012


An Organizational Ethics Disaster

The New England Compounding Center meningitis case spotlights the tragic consequences of failed organizational ethics.

By Susan Liautaud | Nov. 16, 2012

Civil Society

Lance Armstrong and the Contagion of Unethical Behavior

The dangers of the Lance Armstrong doping scandal reach far beyond performance-enhancing drugs.

By Susan Liautaud | 4 | Oct. 23, 2012

Civil Society

The Tricky Business of Cultural Change

If real, radical cultural change is a goal of the Clinton Global Initiative, then real rich people are part of the problem and fundamental to the solution.

By Courtney E. Martin | Oct. 2, 2012

Technology & Design

Is the UN Really Trying to Take Over the Internet?

A look at new proposals to change how our Internet is governed.

By Keisha Taylor | 1 | Sep. 13, 2012


Citizen as Designer

By shifting the responsibility of the citizen from deciding to designing, we can redirect resources away from conflict and toward creating better ideas.

By Brodie Boland | 7 | Sep. 7, 2012

Civil Society

A Faithful Force for Good

Religious organizations are powerful catalysts for social change.

By Andrew Wilkes | Sep. 6, 2012

Civil Society

Q&A with Interfaith Leader Eboo Patel

Spreading religious pluralism in a time of violent prejudice.

By Courtney E. Martin | Aug. 14, 2012