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The “New Vigors” of Sharing Nonprofit Sector Learnings

By John Brothers | 2 | May. 8, 2012

Impact Investing

The Distortion Risk in Impact Investing

How do we ensure that philanthropic subsidies in impact investing are put to productive use?

By Paula Goldman | 1 | May. 7, 2012


From Charitable Giving to Strategic Investing

Foundations are shifting the conversation about their work and impact.

By Katherine Miller | 1 | May. 4, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

Titanic Solutions for a Sinking World

Four concrete lessons for social innovators.

By Rich Tafel | 5 | May. 3, 2012

Civil Society

Instagram-Style Innovation in the Public Sector

What if we leveraged the ingenuity and resources in Silicon Valley for the improvement and renewal of the rest of the country?

By Courtney E. Martin | 5 | May. 2, 2012


Not All Nonprofit Mergers Are Created Equal

Lessons from the Community Catalyst Fund in Charlotte, North Carolina.

By Jean Butzen | 3 | May. 1, 2012

Impact Investing

Morgan Stanley’s Investing with Impact Approach

To help provide clarity to its clients, Morgan Stanley outlines an Investing with Impact framework, encompassing four integrated approaches.

By Audrey Choi & Hilary Irby | 2 | Apr. 26, 2012


Mars’ Sustainable Cocoa Initiative in Cote d’Ivoire

The entire cocoa sector—exporters, NGOs, manufacturers, and governments—must help farmers boost their productivity and income.

By Andy Harner | Apr. 25, 2012

Economic Development

Kraft Foods’ Cocoa Partnership in Ghana

To develop the next generation of cocoa farmers in Ghana, Kraft Foods created a cross-sector initiative with a long-term view.

By Perry Yeatman | 2 | Apr. 25, 2012


HP’s Cross-Sector Health Partnership in Kenya

HP’s work with the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Kenyan government on early infant diagnosis of HIV is saving lives.

By Gabi Zedlmayer | Apr. 25, 2012