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Civil Society

A Platform Worth Spreading

Finger-wagging critics have missed the most provocative component of the TED empire.

By Courtney Martin | 3 | Mar. 9, 2012


Ephemeral Perpetuity? Transforming Endowments Into Annuities

Funders who insist that organizations build endowments dilute those organizations’ efforts to raise annual operating funds.

By Michael Wilkerson | Mar. 8, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

The True Cost of Social Capital

We’re a long way from bringing the real cost of social capital in line with commercial capital.

By Timothy Ogden | 1 | Mar. 7, 2012

Impact Investing

The Responsible Hand: Overcoming the Shortcomings of Impact Investing

For impact investing to truly harness the power of the market, we need to directly align shareholders’ value with both social impact and profit.

By Alex Hamilton Chan | 2 | Mar. 6, 2012


Toward Entrepreneurial Universities for the 21st Century

What are public research institutions doing—or what should they do—to fulfill their compact with the citizens of their states?

By Rick Cherwitz | Mar. 5, 2012


Filming Alternative Energy

Two documentaries explore the move from fossil fuels.

By Laura Starita | 1 | Mar. 2, 2012

Nonprofit Management

Five Levers of Social Change: Part 2

Practical Advice Series: Five basic “levers,” or strategies, to help businesses or nonprofits achieve social change.

By Aaron Hurst | 2 | Mar. 2, 2012


Can “Giving Days” Strengthen Your Community?

A Case Foundation study explores how a new type of online fundraising event can benefit nonprofits and communities.

By Amy Sample Ward | 3 | Mar. 1, 2012

Technology & Design

Calling for a Global Design Service Corps

Only a sliver of the world’s population currently benefits from well-designed spaces in which to live their best lives.

By John Cary | 9 | Mar. 1, 2012

Economic Development

A Plot of Land, a Path to Freedom

A valuable lesson for alleviating global poverty lies within the pages of African American history.

By Tim Hanstad | 2 | Feb. 29, 2012