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Evaluation Through a Learning Lens

A focus on learning can enhance and strengthen a foundation’s evaluation efforts.

By PeiYao Chen | Jun. 8, 2012

Technology & Design

Following in Buckminster Fuller’s Footsteps

Living Buildings Challenge, a project of the International Living Future Institute, is the winner of this year’s Buckminster Fuller Institute award.

By Pablo Freund | Jun. 7, 2012

Urban Development

Ten Cities, Ten Projects

A report from the first-ever EcoDistricts Institute—how 10 cities are integrating green buildings and infrastructure with community action and civic entrepreneurship.

By Rob Bennett | Jun. 6, 2012


Solving D.C. Gridlock Without Sacrificing the Voice of the Minority

Storable votes offer a potential new direction for solving gridlock in polarized environments.


Nonprofit Management

It’s Time To Be Fearless

Five values are at the root of every fearless approach to creating change.

By Jean Case | 13 | Jun. 4, 2012


Training to Save?

Does financial education training for children in Ghana help instill a culture of good decision-making? Take a reader survey and find out.

By Annie Duflo & Dean Karlan | 3 | May. 31, 2012


Local Library or Management Service Organization?

Indiana’s Foellinger Foundation is using free library services to boost grantee effectiveness.

By Jean Butzen | 3 | May. 31, 2012

Nonprofit Management

War Games and Other Tools to Reinvent Your Nonprofit

Five tips for organizations that need to change how they operate.

By Curtis Chang | 1 | May. 30, 2012
Daniel Altman_@altmandaniel_Emerging_Design_Centers

Technology & Design

Putting the Power of Design in the Hands of the Poor

By Daniel Altman | 2 | May. 29, 2012


What Higher Education Should Look Like

A look at the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership.

By Roshan Paul | 4 | May. 25, 2012