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Individual Giving

Shaking Up the Long Tail

Donors who use cell phones to make donations do more than give, they talk about it.

By Lucy Bernholz | Jan. 13, 2012

Technology & Design

Mobile Money to Deliver Cash Aid: Believe the Hype?

Research suggests that mobile distribution had some tangible benefits for recipients of aid, but they also carried costs that could exceed those of traditional physical and voucher-based transfers.



Expand Your Nonprofit’s Mission Through Co-Location

There are some great mission advantages to sharing space with other organizations.

By Jean Butzen | 1 | Jan. 11, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

True Leadership Means Wrestling Away the Steering Wheel

We need social change leaders who are ready to tackle systems that perpetuate injustice.

By Rich Tafel | 7 | Jan. 10, 2012
K Sree Kumar is CEO of Intellicap

Social Entrepreneurship

In Search of a New Model for Government-Social Enterprise Collaboration

Conflict between social enterprises and government comes down to a simple matter of market overlap.

By K Sree Kumar | 4 | Jan. 6, 2012

Technology & Design

SSIR’s New Website Is Here

The redesigned website was inspired and guided by feedback from readers.

By Jenifer Morgan | Jan. 5, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship

Thoughts on Reluctant Entrepreneurship

What’s unique to the Entrepreneurial Generation isn’t just that we are entrepreneurs; it’s why we’re entrepreneurs.

By Danny Alexander | 12 | Jan. 5, 2012

Nonprofit Management

Searching for Jane Goodall

If two thirds of nonprofit executive directors step down in the next five years, who will carry the torch?



Social Sector Predictions for 2012

Ten predictions for the social sector and beyond in 2012.

By David La Piana | 4 | Jan. 3, 2012


Teachers and Social Entrepreneurs

An interview with Ellen Moir, founder and executive director of New Teacher Center (NTC).

By Curtis Chang | Dec. 29, 2011