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Measuring Social Impact

Organization: The Next Big Innovation

The biggest social wins will come from a shift in mind-set that refocuses efforts on improving organizational effectiveness.

By Jamie Cooper-Hohn | Nov. 17, 2011

Impact Investing

Investing in Impact

As entrepreneurs create more for-profit businesses with strong social missions, the opportunity for socially minded investors to invest in them grows.

By Eric Nee | 2 | Nov. 17, 2011


Sesame Workshop: Empowering Children Through Media

What benefits children today may not affect the children of tomorrow.

By H. Melvin Ming | Nov. 16, 2011

Technology & Design

Why Social Innovators Need Design Thinking

Design is a process especially suited to divergent thinking—the exploration of new choices and alternative solutions.

By Tim Brown | Nov. 15, 2011

Social Entrepreneurship

In Search of Collaborative Spirit

Is collaborative competition … collaborative?

By Rafael Ziegler | 1 | Nov. 14, 2011

Technology & Design

From Crowdsourcing to CouchSurfing

An interview with Casey Fenton, co-founder of CouchSurfing.

By Roshan Paul | 1 | Nov. 10, 2011

Technology & Design

Walk With Makmende: Part 1

From the Field Series: A living case study of Makmende, which provides women in Nairobi with coordinated walking groups.

By Clare Corthell Bennett | Nov. 9, 2011
SSIR blogger Regina Ridley joined the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2006 as publishing director.

Civil Society

Afghanistan: Update from Sakena Yacoobi

Afghan Institute of Learning Founder Sakena Yacoobi helps women and children through teacher training and health education.

By Regina Ridley | 1 | Nov. 8, 2011
SSIR blogger Richard Tait is a principal at The Mission Driven Innovation Group.


The Importance of Earned Income in Your Funding Model

While earned income currently may not play a big role in your funding picture today, it’s well worth exploring.

By Richard Tait | 1 | Nov. 7, 2011


Funding Collaboration

The Catalyst Fund’s Manager, Peter Kramer, explains the fund’s goal and application process for nonprofit collaborations.

By Jean Butzen | 9 | Nov. 3, 2011