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How Simon Greer Became a Lover, Not a Fighter

An interview with Simon Greer before starting as president of the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

By Aaron Hurst | Sep. 8, 2011


How Nonprofit Networks Are Raising the Bar on Results

Nine of the ten largest US nonprofits are networks, with multiple affiliates across the country striving for significant impact.

By Alan Tuck & Mandy Taft-Pearman | 10 | Sep. 7, 2011


Friendraising Versus Slacktivism

Unmotivated donors didn’t materialize out of the ether when social media started taking over the world.

By Claire Diaz Ortiz | 3 | Sep. 6, 2011
SSIR blogger Regina Ridley joined the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2006 as publishing director.

Community Engagement Inside Kibera

Carolina for Kiberia's community focus promises to effect change that will stick.

By Regina Ridley | 4 | Sep. 1, 2011

Civil Society

Foreign Assistance: Time for a Change

There is a disturbing American presumption that it can develop other societies through the export of Americans overseas.

By David Holdridge | 1 | Aug. 31, 2011


In Defense of Public Education

The discretionary spending bucket is the easiest place for conservatives and liberals to find a palliative for the nation's maxed-out deficit headache.

By Heather Clayton Staker | Aug. 30, 2011
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If We Could Build the Nonprofit Sector from Scratch, What Would It Look Like?

Last year I had the opportunity of working with an NGO effort in Trinidad and Tobago to launch an organization that would build the capacity of NGOs.

By John Brothers | 11 | Aug. 29, 2011
Marc Henrich is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Ecodana.

Global Issues

From the Field: Vietnamese Anti-Poverty Model May Work Elsewhere

I set out to see if the organizational models of two successful Vietnamese nonprofits were location-specific.

By Marc Henrich | Aug. 26, 2011

Social Entrepreneurship

Israeli and Palestinian Entrepreneurs Build Businesses and Friendships

Israeli and Palestinian students can learn about integration through the film Remember the Titans.

By Ted Grossman | Aug. 25, 2011

Civil Society

Yearning to Breathe Free: No Immigration Reform Hurts Opportunity for All

The anti-immigrant trend line is deeply damaging to social innovation, social justice, and civil society.

By Eric Friedenwald-Fishman | 3 | Aug. 24, 2011