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Reflections on Jumo & Need for Co-Creation

If I have an idea to change the world, I should be just as welcome and have equal access to the spaces where I can share the idea and find others to help me make it come to life.

By Amy Sample Ward | 3 | Jan. 7, 2011
SSIR blogger Anne Sherman is the Associate Director at TCC Group.

Nonprofit Management

Cohort Capacity Building: Is the Sector Ready?

Earlier this month I had the privilege of learning from four really smart and experienced people who participated in a panel discussion that TCC Group, a global management consulting firm.

By Anne Sherman | 3 | Jan. 6, 2011
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Philanthropy’s Buzzwords of the Decade

The 10 phrases I have chosen to show the steady rise in market-based solutions for social problem solving, technology’s infiltration of all things fund raising, and a shift in attention from local to global.

By Lucy Bernholz | Jan. 5, 2011
SSIR_Lucy_Bernholzs_Stanford_University_Center_on_Philanthropy_and_Civil Society_Hybrid_Reality_Institute


Ten for Ten: Philanthropy from 2010-2020

Rather than focus in (anymore than the buzzwords list already does) on the top 10 of the year gone by, let’s think about the factors that will shape philanthropy for the decade ahead.

By Lucy Bernholz | 4 | Dec. 20, 2010
SSIR blogger Reeta Roy is president and CEO of The MasterCard Foundation.

Civil Society

The Power of Voices

This week, a remarkable grassroots organization in India, Vasavya Mahila Mandali (VMM), celebrated 40 years of achievement and service.

By Reeta Roy | 4 | Dec. 16, 2010
SSIR blogger Kelly Kleiman, who blogs as The Nonprofiteer, is principal of NFP Consulting, which provides strategic planning, Board development and fundraising advice to charities and philanthropies.

Nonprofit Management

Fired Up To Volunteer

Nonprofits can gain highly skilled volunteers through a variety of resources.

By Kelly Kleiman | 4 | Dec. 15, 2010
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Nonprofit Management

‘Tis the Season—How the Nonprofit Sector “Shares” Itself Out of Impact

Nonprofits, government, and philanthropy need to take up better sharing practices to advance nonprofits and the communities they aim to serve.

By John Brothers | 6 | Dec. 9, 2010

Technology & Design

Are we addicted to Slacktivism?

Does every social media “call to action” need to have a cause?

By Amy Sample Ward | 3 | Dec. 7, 2010
Rob Reich, Associate Professor of Political Science and, by courtesy, in Philosophy and at the School of Education, at Stanford University

Technology & Design

Early Thoughts About Jumo

Some early impressions of Jumo, a much-heralded social networking site for stimulating, coordinating, and occasionally funding social change.

By Rob Reich | 3 | Dec. 3, 2010

Economic Development

Micro-Savings: Are We There Yet?

Micro-savings have been described as the “Next Big Thing” in the global development agenda. But we are not there yet, particularly with regards to young people living in poverty.

By Reeta Roy | 2 | Dec. 2, 2010