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Economic Development

Youth Savings: A Springboard to a Better Future

Savings could be the doorway to a more inclusive financial system for young people.

By Reeta Roy | May. 6, 2010


Deception in Microfinance: Is Talk of Mission Just Window Dressing?

Only organizations that place the mission of helping borrowers improve their economic circumstances above profits should be considered microfinance practitioners.

By Eric Weaver | May. 6, 2010


Achieving Greater Impact Through Model-Sharing

Even if another model isn’t quite right, the idea of model-sharing—teaching and learning lessons from others—can be enlightening.

By Loreal Lynch | May. 4, 2010
SSIR blogger Jenna Nicholas has worked for the Oxford Hub, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, the Stanford Centre for Philanthropy and Civil Society, and Global Health Corps.


Catalytic Philanthropy Forces Collaboration in Leadership

A look at leadership in the social sector.

By Jenna Nicholas | 2 | May. 3, 2010

Nonprofit Management

No More Master’s Degrees and Reverse Mentoring

Rethinking leadership—a few sources of advice.

By Rosetta Thurman | 2 | May. 3, 2010


How the Fast Food Industry Can Fight Obesity

Studies show that a majority of Americans know they are eating too much and actually wish to lose weight. So why isn’t the industry doing more to address this issue?

By Halle Tecco | 2 | Apr. 28, 2010


Al Gore Calls on Foundations to Align Mission and Strategy

The current economic crisis is the result of a huge misalignment of short term, personal benefits and long term sustainability.

By Perla Ni | 1 | Apr. 26, 2010


How the Now Generation of Leaders Can Change Philanthropy

"One thing I don’t want to see is young people come in and accept things as they are.”—Bill Somerville, president of the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

By Rosetta Thurman | Apr. 26, 2010
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Nonprofit Management

Playing Baseball with Tennis Rackets: What’s Not Being Included in Our Collaborative Meetings

Nonprofits need to share information and resources.

By John Brothers | 1 | Apr. 23, 2010

Skoll Climate Change Panel Discusses Successes and Failures of Copenhagen

Top-down political accords versus bottom-up action—a discussion of climate change at Skoll World Forum.

By Grace Augustine | Apr. 23, 2010