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Technology & Design

Fueling Nonprofit Innovation: R&D Vigor Trumps Randomized Control Trial Rigor

Research and development can help more nonprofits learn, innovate, and reach goals faster and for less money.

By Peter York | 10 | Aug. 16, 2011
Marc Henrich is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Ecodana.


From the Field: Indigenous Environmentalists Strive to Reforest Indonesia

In Indonesia, the issue of customary land rights is in debate.

By Marc Henrich | Aug. 15, 2011
Deirdre White is president and CEO at the nonprofit CDC Development Solutions (CDS).


How Can Business and Government Work Together to Save a Life?

A cross sector-partnership between IBM and the Cross River government is saving lives of mothers and children across Nigeria.

By Deirdre White | Aug. 12, 2011


A New Tool for Digital Storytelling

There’s huge potential for organizations to use multiple mediums, content, and locations to advocate for the change they want.

By Amy Sample Ward | 1 | Aug. 11, 2011
SSIR blogger Michael Horn is the executive director of Innosight Institute, a nonprofit think tank focused on education and innovation, and the author of the award-winning book, Disrupting Class.


“Quality Control in K-12 Digital Learning”: A Stimulating, Quality Read

A review of the Fordham Institute's paper "Quality Control in K-12 Digital Learning: Three (Imperfect) Approaches."

By Michael Horn | Aug. 10, 2011
SSIR blogger Kelly Kleiman, who blogs as The Nonprofiteer, is principal of NFP Consulting.


Wisconsin Says No to Money for Nonprofits

Governor Walker's ideology requires that people who need assistance seek private charity and that private charity be deprived of the means of assisting them.

By Kelly Kleiman | 3 | Aug. 10, 2011
SSIR blogger Imran Oomer is an education sector professional currently working in India with Ashoka Fellow, Sunanda Mane, and the social enterprise she founded, Lend-A-Hand India. He is also a full-time student at ESADE Business School in Spain. where he


Making Education Relevant Where You Least Expect It

The IBT education program in India better prepares students for future opportunities than traditional teaching.

By Imran Oomer | 1 | Aug. 9, 2011


A New Source for Funding Nonprofit Mergers and Collaborations

A look into the merger of Lodestar Foundation and Sea Change Capital Partners to examine what defines "sensible collaboration" between nonprofits.

By Jean Butzen | 4 | Aug. 8, 2011
SSIR blogger Robert Penna had a 20-year career as a senior staffer with the New York State Senate and as a political consultant. He was affiliated with the Rensselaerville Institute for a decade, serves as Charity Navigator’s international coordinator,

Nonprofit Management

Cuomo Orders Review of Nonprofit Compensation

What needs to be under public scrutiny is the entire range of unfettered discretion in spending that some nonprofit executives—and their boards—exercise.

By Robert Penna | 2 | Aug. 5, 2011
SSIR blogger Nikki Wilson (right) is co-founder of On the Up. Along with her husband Rob (left), Nikki is on a mission to uncover Africa’s most inspirational social entrepreneurs. The team is currently travelling from Cape Town to Cairo, and blogging as

Nonprofit Management

Innovative Ideas for Sale—No Strings Attached

As controversial as he is kind-hearted, serial entrepreneur Charles Maisel's viewpoint shakes up conventional charity thinking.

By Nikki Wilson | 4 | Aug. 5, 2011