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Marc Henrich is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Ecodana.

Global Issues

From the Field: Vietnamese Anti-Poverty Model May Work Elsewhere

I set out to see if the organizational models of two successful Vietnamese nonprofits were location-specific.

By Marc Henrich | Aug. 26, 2011

Social Entrepreneurship

Israeli and Palestinian Entrepreneurs Build Businesses and Friendships

Israeli and Palestinian students can learn about integration through the film Remember the Titans.

By Ted Grossman | Aug. 25, 2011

Civil Society

Yearning to Breathe Free: No Immigration Reform Hurts Opportunity for All

The anti-immigrant trend line is deeply damaging to social innovation, social justice, and civil society.

By Eric Friedenwald-Fishman | 3 | Aug. 24, 2011
SSIR blogger Sean Stannard-Stockton is CEO of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors. Strategic Philanthropy

GOOD Buys Jumo, Seeks Social Connective Tissue

Jumo might just move from being a content platform for people who give a damn to an immersive experience.

By Sean Stannard-Stockton | Aug. 23, 2011


Knight Foundation CEO on Social Transformation and the Bottom Line

An interview with Alberto Ibargüen, president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

By Aaron Hurst | Aug. 23, 2011

Measuring Social Impact

Don’t Let Conventional Measurement Wisdom Fragment Your Impact

Social impact bonds. Evidence-based funding. Investing in what works. To what do we owe this explosion of “pay-or-performance” funding models?…

By Matthew Forti | 8 | Aug. 22, 2011


GOOD Questions About the Jumo Acquisition

In the wake of the announcement of the intent to GOOD to absorb Jumo, questions arise about form, functions, policy, and societal value.

By Timothy Ogden | 9 | Aug. 19, 2011


Breaking the Health Care Cost Trend with Innovative Service Delivery

Health care needs large-scale innovation that introduces higher-quality, lower-cost providers through a system that's mobile, digital, and efficient.

By Bob Fabbio | 1 | Aug. 19, 2011

Socially Responsible Business

Collapse of an Iconic Social Enterprise

The ShoreBank saga provides important lessons for people who believe that for-profit institutions can be used for social change.

By Eric Nee | Aug. 18, 2011

Economic Development

The New Abnormal

"The New Abnormal" best describes the current economic and political condition of our nation.

By David La Piana | 3 | Aug. 17, 2011