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SSIR blogger Paul Park is the general counsel and secretary of the Cesar Chavez Foundation, overseeing all legal matters related to the Chavez Foundation’s affordable housing, nonprofit radio, after-school tutoring, and conference center programs.


Funders Aren’t Investors, They’re Purchasers

Is it accurate or even appropriate for funders to think of themselves as—and act like—investors?

By Paul Park | 12 | Jul. 18, 2011
SSIR blogger Susan Misra is the associate director of Program and Grants Management and Capacity Building at TCC Group. Corporate citizenship

Nonprofit Management

Training for Nonprofits That Sticks? Yes, It’s Possible!

The reason many fail to achieve organizational change is that they focus on preparing leaders to change, rather than actual implementation.

By Susan Misra | 3 | Jul. 14, 2011
SSIR blogger Kelly Kleiman, who blogs as The Nonprofiteer, is principal of NFP Consulting.


Charity Begins at Home—and That Means Taxes

The nonprofit sector has become infected with the shortsighted, quarter-to-quarter thinking that addles Wall Street.

By Kelly Kleiman | 1 | Jul. 13, 2011


Not All Tax Deductions Are Equal: Preserve Charitable Contributions

It is vital that lawmakers continue to use tax policy to encourage charitable giving, especially during times of economic recovery.

By William Daroff | 5 | Jul. 12, 2011

Technology & Design

Tap the Crowd with iStart

Have you thought about running a contest or crowdsourcing ideas for your organization or community group?

By Amy Sample-Ward | 1 | Jul. 11, 2011


Becoming the Sustainability We Seek

So focused on short-term funding for survival, the nonprofit sector is losing its ability to implement innovative solutions to the world’s problems.

By Rich Tafel | 4 | Jul. 8, 2011


The Limited Returns on Fundraising Support for Nonprofits

How can a funder move beyond wishful thinking and achieve a high yield through fundraising support?

By Paul Connolly | 21 | Jul. 7, 2011

Social Entrepreneurship

The Rise of Kant, MBA

The Age of Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise is upon us.

By Scott Hartley | Jul. 6, 2011

Technology & Design

Banking Beyond Branches: An Interim Report Card

There is a need to develop simplified paths for mobile operators and banks alike to get on the inexorable road to banking beyond branches.

By Ignacio Mas | Jul. 5, 2011
SSIR_John_Brothers _headshot


How the Nonprofit Sector Is Misusing Its Greatest Asset

Two ways that nonprofits can take more control of the narrative surrounding the poor in the US.

By John Brothers | 2 | Jul. 1, 2011