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Rich Tafel

SSIR_blogger_Rich_Tafel_headshot_Public_Squared_social_entrepreneur Rich Tafel (@richtafel) is the founder of Public Squared multiplying citizen impact in social change. He trains world changers in the often complex world of public policy. A serial social innovator, Rich has launched two nonprofits and two for-profits, and has worked with more than 100 social entrepreneurs around the world. He speaks the languages of faith, conservatives, liberals, business, academics, and politics, and has spent the last twenty years engaged in shaping public policy for those without a voice in the system.


Changing the Social Sector’s Policy Pitch | 12 | Jun. 27, 2012


The social sector has utterly failed to create a compelling pitch to the political sector about what we do.

Titanic Solutions for a Sinking World | 5 | May. 3, 2012


Four concrete lessons for social innovators.

Social Entrepreneurs Must Stop Throwing Starfish | 21 | Mar. 20, 2012


Too often we engage in linear, simplistic solutions, when lasting change requires collaborative efforts.

Diversity and the Komen-Planned Parenthood Debacle | 8 | Feb. 14, 2012


An important lesson that no one is talking about but that we all need to learn.

True Leadership Means Wrestling Away the Steering Wheel | 7 | Jan. 10, 2012


We need social change leaders who are ready to tackle systems that perpetuate injustice.

Don’t Occupy Wall Street—Transform It | 13 | Nov. 18, 2011


It’s time for a new generation of social change leaders to move beyond occupying Wall Street to transform it.

Justice Begins within the Social Entrepreneur Organization | 15 | Nov. 2, 2011


Social change organizations should focus on creating a just organizational culture for themselves before bringing about global justice.

Mexico’s Businesses Cooperation: a Global Model for Health Care Innovation | 1 | Oct. 5, 2011


Workplace wellness councils are emerging as one of the most powerful leaders in reducing health care costs and improving health.

Social Entrepreneurs Must Achieve Not Survive | 5 | Sep. 15, 2011


The sector needs to shift the definition of success from organizations that survive to organizations that actually achieve their missions.

Becoming the Sustainability We Seek | 4 | Jul. 8, 2011


So focused on short-term funding for survival, the nonprofit sector is losing its ability to implement innovative solutions to the world’s problems.