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Matthew Forti

Matthew_Forti_Bridgespan_Group_One_Acre_Fund_SSIR Matthew Forti is managing director, One Acre Fund USA, where he leads the organization’s work outside of Africa and helps oversee its measurement and evaluation function. One Acre Fund assists nearly 180,000 smallholder farming families in East Africa to double their farm profits and eliminate persistent hunger. Matt is also advisor to the Performance Measurement Capability Area at the Bridgespan Group (@BridgespanGroup), an advisory firm to mission-driven leaders and organizations that supports the design of performance measurement systems for continuous learning and improvement.


Measuring to Improve vs. Improving Measurement | 3 | May. 7, 2013


From Skoll World Forum 2013: Will new measurement tools such as “big data” be a big distraction or a big opportunity?

Five Ways to Avoid the Data System Trap | Oct. 26, 2012


How nonprofits can assess readiness and lay the groundwork for a successful data system.

Communicating Impact: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It! | Sep. 25, 2012


Nonprofits can use tried-and-true mechanisms from the private sector to better communicate their impact to donors

Actionable Measurement at the Gates Foundation | Aug. 29, 2012


A conversation with Jodi Nelson, head of measurement and evaluation.

Measuring Advocacy – Yes We Can! | 4 | Jul. 25, 2012


Five measurement strategies that enable rapid course correction and continuous improvement.

Measurement that Benefits the Measured | 2 | Jun. 25, 2012


Three forms of engagement that can help nonprofits better respond to the needs and strengths of their constituents.

Six Theory of Change Pitfalls to Avoid | 5 | May. 23, 2012


Simply putting boxes and lines down on paper doesn’t guarantee that your organization will make better decisions.

Finding the Right Measurement Director | 5 | Apr. 24, 2012


New research reveals that most organizations prioritize the wrong skills in their search for a measurement director.

Worth a Look: PerformWell Performance Management Resource | 3 | Mar. 21, 2012


Seven Deadly Sins of Impact Evaluation | 6 | Feb. 22, 2012


Seven obstacles to making good decisions about impact evaluations and how to avoid them.

Ensuring That “Scaling What Works” Actually Works | 4 | Jan. 26, 2012


For “scaling what works” to actually work, we need a new and improved version that addresses two fundamental constraints.

A Holiday Gift for Your Board: A Refreshed Dashboard | 3 | Dec. 19, 2011


Refresh your dashboard to better inform your board's decisions.

Measuring Leadership Development | 2 | Nov. 21, 2011


To avoid measuring and funding leadership development is to deprive the social sector of one of its greatest performance improvement tools.

Making Money: A Bonus of Measuring to Improve Performance | 1 | Oct. 24, 2011


Measurement can attract money. A nonprofit that can demonstrate results and improvement is more inviting to potential donors than one that can’t.

Mobile Measurement: Lowering Costs and Engaging Beneficiaries | Sep. 19, 2011


We should be paying attention to monitoring and evaluation innovation in developing countries, where technology leads to better programs.

Don’t Let Conventional Measurement Wisdom Fragment Your Impact | 8 | Aug. 22, 2011


Social impact bonds. Evidence-based funding. Investing in what works. To what do we owe this explosion of “pay-or-performance” funding models?…