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Curtis Chang

Curtis Chang is the founder and CEO of Consulting Within Reach (CWR), a team of experts from both corporate and nonprofit backgrounds that uses professional skills to serve social entrepreneurs. Curtis’s own diverse vocational path has included teaching public policy at Harvard, doing development work in Africa, and running a family foundation. Curtis has won a White House award for his work as a social innovator and is an Adjunct Professor in the School of International Service at American University, Washington DC.


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Nonprofits need to use more-sophisticated client- and program-tracking platforms to meet the expectations of today’s funders.

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Until successful new models for senior care are developed, all other forms of social innovation will be constricted.

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An interview with Ellen Moir, founder and executive director of New Teacher Center (NTC).

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Steve Jobs benefited the nonprofit sector by radically leveling the technological playing field.

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For one client, four successive poor hires for one mid-level position had profound consequences on its scorecard.