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Making Conservation Finance Investable

Conservation finance is an undeveloped investment opportunity that offers the potential to conserve some of the world's vital ecosystems while also providing a financial return.


  • Ricardo Bayon
    Partner and Co-founder EKO Asset Management Partners

    Conservation financing is difficult because we don’t place financial values on most of nature.

  • Adam Davis
    Partner and Director of Research, Policy, and New Markets Ecosystem Investment Partners

    Mitigation bank credits are a proven way to invest in environmental conservation efforts.

  • Joe Whitworth
    President The Freshwater Trust

    We need new tools to help speed up and improve the quality of our conservation efforts.

  • Patrick Coady
    Senior Advisor Coady Diemar Partners

    There is renewed hope that conservation financing will finally take off.

  • Susan Phinney Silver
    Program-Related Investment (PRI) Program Manager David and Lucile Packard Foundation

    It is important to help impact investors understand the scope and opportunity of conservation financing.

  • John Goldstein
    Co-founder and Managing Director Imprint Capital

    The government plays an important role in creating an environment that is conducive to conservation financing.

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