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Viewpoint (formerly First Person)


Insights from the front lines


Fundamentals, Not Fads

The experience of prize-winning social sector leaders highlights the enduring lessons of nonprofit management. Part one of a six-part series.


Making a Healthy Exit

In places like rural Guatemala, the quest to sustain a vital social enterprise often depends on finding the right private-sector partner.


Advocacy Isn’t “Soft”

Evaluating efforts to promote shifts in policy requires methods that are at once rigorous and flexible.


A Fault in Funding

An initiative undertaken by the World Bank reveals a troubling gap in the financing of social enterprises.


Beyond Diplomacy

Civil society organizations are dramatically changing how countries bring an end to violent political conflict.


CHANGE Takes Time

The long, hard struggle to alter US policy on HIV/AIDS assistance shows that advocacy can deliver a real payoff.


Subsidizing Impact

The right formula for creating a socially beneficial enterprise often includes a strong dose of up-front philanthropic support


A Field of Its Own

After many years of operating on others' academic turf, nonprofit studies is ready to claim new ground.


The Quest for Scale

An effort to improve sanitation in developing countries yields lessons in how to achieve enduring, broad-based social impact.


Accounting for Justice

The US criminal justice system will benefit from a new tool that collects and compares data on a county-by-county basis.