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Socially Responsible Business


Innovative, ethical, and community-minded business practices


In Bad Times, It Pays to Be Good

A reputation for CSR may shield companies from the public’s ire.

By Marguerite Rigoglioso | Summer 2005

Block by Block

How one of the world’s largest companies builds loyalty among Mexico’s poor.

By Ricardo Sandoval | 1 | Summer 2005

Golden Opportunity

When a Canadian multinational laid off hundreds of gold miners in South Africa, it went many extra miles to help them get back on their feet.

By Wayne Dunn | Winter 2004

Behind the Glitter

Tiffany and Co. moves to get African “conflict diamonds” out of its stores.

By Matthew Schuerman | Fall 2004

The Outsiders

Why some companies donate to charity.

By Jan Chong | Summer 2004

Cause Marketing: Attention Campers

How Girls Inc. put the power of Lancome to work in support of mission.

By Matthew Schuerman | Summer 2004

Best of Breed

When it comes to gaining a market edge while supporting a social cause, ‘corporate social marketing’ leads the pack.

By Philip Kotler & Nancy Lee | Spring 2004

Invention for the Common Good

Four reasons corporations should engage in social responsibility.

By Carly Fiorina | Spring 2004

Coming Clean

Firms fare better when they acknowledge self-interest in cause marketing.

By Karen Coppock | Winter 2003

Behind the Message

Kaiser Foundation and Viacom take on AIDS -- one episode at a time.

By Gabrielle Birkner | Winter 2003