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Socially Responsible Business


Innovative, ethical, and community-minded business practices


Better Health Care, Higher Productivity

By providing factory workers with health care training, HERproject reduces absenteeism and turnover at some of the world’s biggest clothing brands.


Shrinking Your Plastic Footprint

Getting companies to reduce their use of plastic is the focus of the Plastic Disclosure Project.


Go Local, Go Global

Ekos cosmetics tap Brazil’s rich biodiversity for profits and social good.


Connecting Heart to Head

Leaders of Alcoa and PUMA, two forward-looking multibillion-dollar global companies, describe a framework for sustainable growth.

By Ram Nidumolu, Kevin Kramer, & Jochen Zeitz | Winter 2012

Making Businesses More Responsible

Corporate sustainability reporting is increasingly mandated by government and the public.


Journey into Brazil’s Social Sector

The founder of the first social fund in Brazil tells his story.

By Leonardo Letelier | 8 | Winter 2012

Specialists’ Niche

A Danish company finds jobs for people with autism.


On-Ramp for Entrepreneurs

Venture for America launches two-year apprenticeships for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Too Good to Fail

In August 2010 the US government closed ShoreBank, one of the country’s leading social enterprises. Why did ShoreBank fail?

By James E. Post & Fiona S. Wilson | 9 | Fall 2011

Sourcing Locally for Impact

By mapping a company’s relationship to the economy in which it operates, businesses can do much to advance their strategic objectives and advance local economic growth.

By Ethan B. Kapstein & René Kim | Fall 2011