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Highlights from scholarly journals


Big Box Protests Can Be a Big Deal

Community activists have a lot of potential influence on whether large retailers enter a local market.


Auditing the Auditors

Simple steps to reduce conflicts of interest can improve both pollution reporting and regulatory compliance.


Not “Better Than Nothing”

Combining charity with financial gain can seriously tarnish others’ appreciation of altruistic efforts.


The Upside of CSR

For companies, higher levels of social performance often translate into improved access to funding.


Broken Rules, Better Loans?

Loan officers’ discretion plays a large role in determining the success of a micro-lending organization.


Lean In—Together

Gender pay equity is higher in countries where women's involvement in advocacy and organizing efforts is more robust.


Do Volunteers Make Better Employees?

People who perform volunteer work, far from being distracted by it, tend to perform better at their jobs.


Fatal Flaw

After a disaster, donors to relief funds pay more attention to the death toll than to the needs of survivors.


Leading Indicators

Team dynamics strongly affect the level of commitment shown by volunteer leaders of nonprofit associations.


The Call of Violence

In parts of the world, expanding cell-phone coverage brings with it an increase in violent activity.