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Innovative ideas to help leaders of nonprofits and NGOs be more effective


Prospecting for Opportunities

Nonprofits with broad missions need less centralized boards.

By Gerald Burstyn | Spring 2005

15 Minutes with Seth Berkley

Interview with Seth Berkley, president and CEO of International AIDS Vaccine Initiative.

By SSIR editors | Winter 2004

The Pitfalls of Profits

Why nonprofits should get out of commercial ventures. At the same time, the tax code needs to be changed to help nonprofits get more charitable donations.

By Burton A. Weisbrod | Winter 2004

Are You Giving Away the Store?

Strategies for savvy negotiation.

By Margaret A. Neale | Winter 2004

The Real Salary Scandal

It’s isn’t that some nonprofit CEOs make big bucks. It’s that most nonprofit employees are paid too little.

By Peter Manzo | 4 | Winter 2004

Leading Boldly

Foundations can move past traditional approaches to create social change through imaginative – and even controversial – leadership.

By Ronald A. Heifetz, John V. Kania, & Mark R. Kramer | 1 | Winter 2004

Hidden at Home

What do you get when you ask nonprofit executives and the public the same question about pressing social issues? Different answers.

By Matthew Scheuerman | Winter 2004

Cashing In

Why nonprofits should raise the bar in corporate partnerships.

By Rosanne Siino | Winter 2004

Managing Risk

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California is thriving, despite taking on clients that no one else would.

By Kathryn Olney | Winter 2004

Volunteers: Making a Match

How personalities count when pairing protégés with Big Brothers and Sisters.

By Casandra Lewis & Andrew Nelson | Winter 2004