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Financial services for people who lack access to money


In Their Own Hands

How one, simple idea empowered communities worldwide: Jeffrey Ashe recounts the development of Saving for Change.


The Next Stage of Financial Inclusion

Research on the needs and habits of the poor shows that nonprofits can serve a vital function in expanding access to financial services.


Broken Rules, Better Loans?

Loan officers’ discretion plays a large role in determining the success of a micro-lending organization.


Mapping Word of Mouth

Spreading messages in remote villages is a matter of understanding the patterns by which villagers connect with each other.


Money Is Never Enough

One of 16 special essays on how the field of social innovation has evolved and what challenges remain ahead.


All-Mobile Microfinance

Kenya is about to become a world leader in mobile microfinance.


Microfinance for Wealthy Countries

The UK microcredit business Fair Finance is paving the road for the growth of microfinance in the developed world.


Microfinance Needs Regulation

The microcredit industry needs to be regulated through policies that address high interest rates and abusive loan recovery practices.

By Aneel Karnani | 11 | Winter 2011

Crowdsourcing Microfinance

The Grameen Foundation’s Bankers Without Borders initiative applies skills-based volunteering to poverty alleviation.

By Kathy O. Brozek | Summer 2011

Turning a Profit by Helping the Poor

Politically radical social workers didn’t expect to be working in a bank any more than white-collar bankers expected to be holding meetings in a crowded public market.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Spring 2011