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Measuring Social Impact


Innovative ways to measure the impact that an organization has on society


Government by Numbers

How CitiStat’s hard data and straight talk saved Baltimore.

By Noah Weiss | Winter 2007

Overhead Isn’t Everything

How donors should think about nonprofit efficiency.

By Alana Conner Snibbe | 1 | Fall 2006

Drowning in Data

Funders are calling for more program evaluation, but nonprofits are often collecting dubious data, at great cost to themselves and ultimately to the people they serve.

By Alana Conner Snibbe | 9 | Fall 2006

Research Rules

Why nonprofits should do their homework before communicating with the public.

By R. Christine Hershey & Andrew Posey | Winter 2005

Donor, Heal Thyself

Donor fatigue is ultimately rooted in givers' own reluctance to invest in the future.

By Paul C. Light | Winter 2005

Throwing Good Money After Bad

A common error misleads foundations and policymakers.

By Judith M. Gueron | Fall 2005

The Ratings Game

Evaluating the three groups that rate the charities.

By Stephanie Lowell, Brian Trelstad, & Bill Meehan | 1 | Summer 2005

When You Build It and They Still Don’t Come

The World Bank reevaluates previous methods.

By Andrea Orr | Spring 2005

Random Thoughts

Poverty Action Lab examines why some charitable programs work better than others.

By Andrea Orr | Spring 2005

Zeroing in on Impact

In an era of declining resources, nonprofits need to clarify their intended impact.

By Susan Colby, Nan Stone, & Paul Carttar | 1 | Fall 2004