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Individual Giving


Ideas to help individual donors and philanthropists be more effective


The U-Shaped Giving Profile Explained

Most Americans give roughly the same percentage of their incomes.

By Alana Conner | 1 | Fall 2007

Rolls-Royce Radicals

Responsible Wealth, a Boston-based nonprofit, is convincing many affluent Americans to challenge the very rules that made them rich.

By Sandra Rothenberg & Maureen Scully | Winter 2007

A Tarnish on Green Goods

Why eco-friendly products may be bad for the environment.

By Alana Conner Snibbe | 1 | Winter 2007

A New Take on Tithing

Too often, individuals make decisions about how much money to donate to charitable causes on an ad hoc basis. As a result, many people give less money than they can actually afford.

By Claude Rosenberg & Tim Stone | 6 | Fall 2006

Hardwired to Help

Both humans and chimpanzees naturally lend a hand.

By Alana Conner Snibbe | Summer 2006

Cute and Lucrative

Sidebar to "Crisis Mentality:" some species attract donors more than others.

By Keith Epstein | Spring 2006

Choosing Mission Over Money

Sidebar to "Crisis Mentality:" giving for the long term.

By Keith Epstein | Spring 2006

Crisis Mentality

Why sudden emergencies attract more funds than do chronic conditions, and how nonprofits can change that.

By Keith Epstein | 1 | Spring 2006

Giving Donors Control

A United Way affiliate has boosted fundraising by breaking the rules.

By Dan Gordon | 1 | Spring 2006

Care Begets Caring

People who feel secure are more apt to be altruistic.

By Shirley Wang | Spring 2006