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Impact Investing


Socially responsible investing that produces triple bottom line results


A GPS for Social Impact

Root Capital and Acumen Fund propose a system for program evaluation that is akin to GPS.


Greenbacks for Green Projects

Green bonds have come to the United States.


Big Society Capital Marks a Paradigm Shift

How the UK’s social investment bank will harness entrepreneurship and capital to solve societal problems.


Elizabeth Littlefield

Elizabeth Littlefield heads up OPIC, a federal agency that helps steer billions of dollars of private investment capital to developing countries.

By Johanna Mair | Summer 2012

Risky Business

How The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation approaches high-risk philanthropic ventures.


Impact Investing: What Exactly Is New?

A veteran of the microfinance industry looks at impact investing through the lenses of history, language, and psychology.

By Roger Frank | 3 | Winter 2012

Roundtable on Impact Investing

A group of social innovation leaders from around the world discuss impact investing and how to make it more effective.

By Johanna Mair & Katherine Milligan | 8 | Winter 2012
Transforming How
We Make Money
While Making a
Antony Bugg-Levine & Jed

Shifting the Market

Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference by Antony Bugg-Levine & Jed Emerson

Reviewed By David Chen | 1 | Winter 2012

Investing for the Safety Net

Technologies that reduce costs and improve care for the underserved are often the most difficult to scale up. But a handful of strategies could turn things around.


A Toniic for Start-Ups

Impact Investors at Toniic aim to create an ecosystem for investing in social entrepreneurs that mirrors the Silicon Valley way of doing deals.

By Suzie Boss | 1 | Spring 2011