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Human Rights


Innovative policies and programs that advance the rights of people and communities


Diversity Opportunities

New research finds that some companies are increasingly pro-diversity and others lag well behind.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Winter 2012

Open Source for Humanitarian Action

Ushahidi develops free software that allows volunteers to map humanitarian crises from their mobile phones.

By Brandon Keim | Winter 2012
The Science of Human
Nature and the Pursuit
of Social Justice
Peter Corning

Just Instincts

The Fair Society: The Science of Human Nature and the Pursuit of Social Justice by Peter Corning

Reviewed By Roberto De Vogli | Summer 2011

Under One Roof

One-stop centers offer a safer future for victims of domestic violence.

By Suzie Boss | 1 | Spring 2011

Positive Distraction Workforce

Habitat International has grown its bottom line using a largely disabled workforce.

By Meredith May | Spring 2011

Bring Polluters Back In

Research reveals why low-income minority neighborhoods are often the site of the worst environmental polluters.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Winter 2011

The Power of Many

The Tahirih Justice Center multiplies its impact by creatively using pro bono attorneys.

By Layli Miller-Muro | Winter 2011

Stopping Child Porn

Computer imaging technology gets put to work to fight child porn fast—five-millisecond-fast.

By Suzie Boss | Winter 2011

Drowning Out Hate

The website Not In Our Town is combating prejudice by broadcasting anti-hate stories and campaigns.

By Suzie Boss | 4 | Fall 2010

Long Suffering Falls Short

Guilt might move people not to relieve suffering, but to exacerbate it by rationalizing that the victims somehow deserve their plight.

By Alana Conner | Spring 2010