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Human Rights


Innovative policies and programs that advance the rights of people and communities


The Empowerment of Arab Women

One of 16 special essays on how the field of social innovation has evolved and what challenges remain ahead.


Searching for Gender Equality

To combat violence against women, mobilize feminist groups.


The New Chinese Underclass

Due to the rapid growth of its cities, China's middle class is growing—but so is its urban poor.


Unequal Market Access

Markets can promote economic development, as long as they are inclusive.


New App for Conscious Consumers

Free2Work is a mobile app that allows shoppers to scan a product for information on human rights and other issues.


Sexually Transmitted Altruism

DKT International, founded by one of the largest erotica distributors in the United States, provides contraceptives to approximately 50 million people a year in the developing world.


Petition Power, a five-year-old San Francisco-based startup, has emerged as one of the leading platforms for online activism.

Daughters_of_the_Declaration:_How_Women_Social_Entrepreneurs_Built_the_American_Dream_Claire Gaudiani_David_Graham_Burnett

Activists by Another Name

Did American women actually invent social entrepreneurship?

Reviewed By Alana Conner | Spring 2012

Diversity Opportunities

New research finds that some companies are increasingly pro-diversity and others lag well behind.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Winter 2012

Open Source for Humanitarian Action

Ushahidi develops free software that allows volunteers to map humanitarian crises from their mobile phones.

By Brandon Keim | Winter 2012