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Innovations in health care policies and programs


What’s Next: Out-Greening Your Neighbor

Nobody wants to be the biggest energy hog on the block.

By Suzie Boss | Winter 2010

15 Minutes with Victoria Hale

MacArthur “genius” prize winner creates drugs for the developing world.

By Eric Nee | 1 | Winter 2007

Cultivating Cross-Sector Partnerships

An HIV organization in Botswana provides lessons in cooperation.

By Alana Conner Snibbe | Fall 2006

With Vigor and VIM

How retired healthcare professionals are taking care of the uninsured.

By Leslie Berger | 5 | Summer 2006

Tainted Love

Tough love programs hurt addicts and adolescents.

By Maia Szalavitz | Summer 2006

An Organizational Approach to Burnout

Sidebar to "Reversing Burnout:" a return to fairness revitalizes a workforce.

By Christina Maslach & Michael P. Leiter | Winter 2005

Coaching Character

Sidebar to "Rethinking Self-Esteem:" tough love can be the best lesson.

By Alana Conner Snibbe | Winter 2005

Burnout in a Crisis

Sidebar to "Reversing Burnout:" when working a crisis, put your own oxygen mask on first.

By Marguerite Rigoglioso | Winter 2005

The Soup of Self-Help

Sidebar to "Rethinking Self-Esteem:" self-esteem should be coupled with self-control.

By Aaron Dalton | Winter 2005

Tackling Vision Care Disparities

How one nonprofit uses an NFL team’s celebrity to improve poor children’s eyesight - and life chances.

By Melinda Tuan & Fay Twersky | 1 | Winter 2005