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Innovations in health care policies and programs


Contagious Health

A community-based program in rural Kentucky uses face-to-face social networks to promote wellness.


The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Health care communites can help.


Judging Success in Translational Medical Research

Getting promising drug discoveries out of university labs and into the drug pipeline is more difficult than it should be.


Incentivizing Donor Registration

Does granting people priority for organ allocation affect their willingness to become organ donors?


When Cooking Can Kill

Traditional cookstoves are being recognized as a major health hazard.


Delivering Affordable Innovation

D-Rev delivers affordable health care innovation to the places that need it most.


Sodom and Gomorrah

e-waste recycling in Agbogbloshie provides a livelihood for thousands of people, but it also results in a heavily polluted environment.


Learning from Coca-Cola

When it comes to expanding medical supply chains in the developing world, there is much to be learned from Coca-Cola’s global-scale production and distribution model.


Using National Networks to Tackle Chronic Disease

YMCA and other national nonprofit networks are using their reach into local communities to deliver public health programs.


No Straight Lines: Making Sense of Our Non-linear World

In No Straight Lines, Alan Moore presents a new way of thinking about our complex world, one that emphasizes participation and human relationships.

By Alan Moore | Sep. 11, 2012