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Innovations in health care policies and programs


Meeting the Challenges of Global Health

In bringing health care to the developing world, innovators can benefit from lessons others learned the hard way. Includes magazine extras.


Guiding Health Innovation

Supplement to the article “Meeting the Challenges of Global Health.”

By SSIR Editors | Feb. 19, 2014

Women at the Wheel

In Mozambique, an effort to train women as ambulance drivers enhances public safety and fosters opportunity.


Making a Healthy Exit

In places like rural Guatemala, the quest to sustain a vital social enterprise often depends on finding the right private-sector partner.


An Rx for Surplus Meds

The Dispensary of Hope is distributing unused pharmaceuticals to patients who need them.


CHANGE Takes Time

The long, hard struggle to alter US policy on HIV/AIDS assistance shows that advocacy can deliver a real payoff.


Lessons in Forging Global Change

The successful 15-year campaign to eliminate mercury-based medical devices provides lessons for others creating large-scale social change.


Pharmacy on a Bicycle

Pharmacy on a Bicycle explores innovative solutions to global health problems.

By Eric G. Bing & Marc J. Epstein | Sep. 23, 2013

The Solution Revolution

The Solution Revolution discusses the need for a new cross-sector approach to global problems.

By William D. Eggers & Paul Macmillan | 1 | Sep. 13, 2013

The Future of Health Care Access

Traditional health care is a hands-on affair. But a wave of technology-driven innovation signals the emergence of a compelling new model.