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Global Issues


Innovations that address global challenges such as education, environment, and health


Q&A: Jeff Raikes

Jeff Raikes takes over the Gates Foundation at a turbulent time when philanthropic resources are down and social needs are up.

By Eric Nee | 4 | Winter 2010

Recreating Fine Arts Institutions

The fine arts in America are on a perilous path. Attendance at opera, theater, jazz, symphony, and ballet performances has dropped precipitously in recent decades. Just as worrisome, the median age of people attending these events has increased dramatically. If the fine arts are to survive as a living, creative, and significant force in American life, arts institutions need to radically recreate themselves.

By Diane E. Ragsdale | Fall 2009

The Profit in Nonprofit

Why Kiva chose to be a 501(c)(3), what this tax status buys the organization, and how being a nonprofit poses challenges.

By Bethany Coates & Garth Saloner | 14 | Summer 2009

Shades of Green

Social networking tools reveal that there is an intricate web of relationships between business and environmentalists, which if developed could benefit the environmental movement.

By Andrew J. Hoffman | 3 | Spring 2009

Ten Nonprofit Funding Models

For-profit executives use business models—such as "low-cost provider" or "the razor and the razor blade"—as a shorthand way to describe the way companies are built and sustained. Nonprofit executives are not as explicit about their funding models and have not had an equivalent lexicon—until now.

By William Landes Foster, Peter Kim, & Barbara Christiansen | 40 | Spring 2009

Offsetting Green Guilt

Voluntary carbon offsets allow people to invest in projects that allegedly counteract their greenhouse gas emissions. But can voluntary offsets help slow global warming? Or are offsets a way for consumers to buy their way out of bad feelings?

By Matthew J. Kotchen | 6 | Spring 2009
THIRST: Fighting the Corporate
Theft of Our Water
Alan Snitow & Deborah Kaufman
with Michael Fox

Review: Thirst

Should water be turned into a commodity that only "haves" can pay for?

Reviewed By John D. Donahue | Fall 2007
The New Asset-Based
Approach to Solving
Social and Economic
Edited by the Democracy
Collaborative at the
University of Maryland

Review: Building Wealth

Building Wealth: The New Asset-Based Approach to Solving Social and Economic Problems

Reviewed By Marc J. Lane | Summer 2006

Review: A Gift of Freedom

How the John M. Olin Foundation Changed America.

Reviewed By Bruce Sievers | Spring 2006

Review: Random Family

Waller offers an intimate exposé of crime and drugs in the inner city.

Reviewed By Anitra Lynn Waller | Fall 2004