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New and innovative ideas to help nonprofit leaders raise money


Donation Cannibalization

When nonprofits earn taxable income, private donors give less.

By Andrew Nelson | Spring 2004

Investing in Society

Charitable donors should think of themselves as "investors" – and should expect returns, just like a stock market investor would.

By William F. Meehan, Derek Kilmer, and Maisie O'Flanagan | Spring 2004

Steppenwolf’s New Stage

A theater ensemble transforms into a company with a bottom line.

By Tony Proscio & Clara Miller | Winter 2003

Altruism in Disguise

Gifts are not an incentive for donors to give, they're an excuse.

By Vinay Jain | Winter 2003

Rolling Corporate Justice

New mechanism allows private investors to back socially responsible startups.

By Michael Fitzgerald | Winter 2003

The Power of Persuasion

Putting the science of influence to work in fundraising.

By Robert B. Cialdini | 1 | Summer 2003

Nothing Ventured, Something Gained

When Honest Tea said no to venture capitalists, it waded into uncharted territory.

By Katherine Barr | Summer 2003

Where Money Meets Mission

Breaking down the firewall between foundation investments and programming.

By Jed Emerson | Summer 2003

Is Foundation Grantmaking Biased?

Social movement and grassroots organizations left in the cold.

By Chris McGarry | Summer 2003

Love, Honor, and Don’t Bargain

When couples haggle over charity, total giving drops.

By Andrew Nelson | Summer 2003