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New and innovative ideas to help nonprofit leaders raise money


Finding Your Funding Model

Four guidelines provide a road map for leaders to identify and develop the right funding model for their organization.

By Peter Kim, Gail Perreault, & William Foster | 10 | Fall 2011
Raise More Money by
Selling Your Impact
Jason Saul

Supplicants No More

The End of Fundraising: Raise More Money by Selling Your Impact by Jason Saul

Reviewed By David Simpson | 1 | Fall 2011

The Emotions of Aid

“One death is a tragedy; 1 million is a statistic,” Joseph Stalin is supposed to have said. The more people we see suffering, the less we care.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | 3 | Summer 2011

Matchmaking for Philanthropists

Foundation Source Access, the new eHarmony for family foundations, gives smaller donors access to a wide variety of innovative funding opportunities.

By Suzie Boss | Summer 2011

Increasing Civic Reach

Nonprofits must have influential board members who connect them to the communities they serve.

By Paul Vandeventer | 7 | Spring 2011

Money Makes People Stingy

The more money a person has, the less generous, helpful, compassionate, and charitable he is toward other people.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Spring 2011

Nonprofits Pipe Up

Chris Hughes, Facebook’s cofounder, has created a social media platform called Jumo designed specifically for nonprofits.

By Suzie Boss | Fall 2010

Put at Least One Egg in Another Basket

For-profit companies preach and employ diversification—and it would behoove nonprofits to have diverse revenue portfolios, as well.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | 1 | Fall 2010

Five-Digit Giving

How texting became young donors’ preferred way to make charitable donations.


The Mouths of Gift Horses

Why nonprofits should court contributions that help both themselves and society.

By Henry E. Riggs | 1 | Summer 2010