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Innovations in educational policies and programs


Unifying Europe

The nonprofit Erste Foundation is an engine behind the for-profit Erste Group as well as its largest shareholder.


A Revolution Begins in Teacher Prep

A new generation of teacher education programs is challenging how teachers get trained for the classroom.


Nonprofit-Public School Alliance

A partnership between Fairfax High and the nonprofit Greenway Arts Alliance in Los Angeles has improved school finances and created a community hub.


Accessible Images

An open source web application draws on the wisdom of the crowds to give the blind access to images.


Changing Savings Habits

Can financial education in grade school have long-term effects?


Fight for the Future

The nonprofit Fight for Peace uses boxing to create a dialogue with hard-to-reach urban youth.


Bettering the Used Book Business

Better World Books has found a way to make a profit and donate more than $11 million for literacy programs and libraries worldwide.


Getting to Bartlett Street: Our 25-Year Quest to Level the Playing Field in Education

Getting to Bartlett Street chronicles the journey of Joe and Carol Reich, co-founders of the Beginning with Children Foundation.

By Joe and Carol Reich | Jul. 20, 2012

Path to a New Africa

To change Africa’s future, we must change the mindset of young Africans in college today.


Leveraging Research for China

The Rural Education Action Project uses its studies about China’s poorest places to influence government policy.