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Innovations in educational policies and programs


Bettering the Used Book Business

Better World Books has found a way to make a profit and donate more than $11 million for literacy programs and libraries worldwide.


Getting to Bartlett Street: Our 25-Year Quest to Level the Playing Field in Education

Getting to Bartlett Street chronicles the journey of Joe and Carol Reich, co-founders of the Beginning with Children Foundation.

By Joe and Carol Reich | Jul. 20, 2012

Path to a New Africa

To change Africa’s future, we must change the mindset of young Africans in college today.


Leveraging Research for China

The Rural Education Action Project uses its studies about China’s poorest places to influence government policy.


What’s Sex Got to Do with It?

An inconvenient truth is hiding behind the current excitement about educating girls.


Lifetime Inequality

The variation in lifetime earnings and wealth is largely determined by skills acquired by age 23.

By Corinna Wu | Summer 2012

Civic Education Through Social Networks

In Kenya, civic education programs reached 4.5 million people in advance of the 2002 election.

By Roberta Kwok | Summer 2012

inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity

inGenius argues that we don’t look at everything in our environment as an opportunity for ingenuity—but that we should.

By Tina Seelig | 3 | Apr. 13, 2012

Private Schools for the Poor

All across the developing world, poor parents are investing in low-cost private education for their children—and seeing positive results.

Inside the Fight to
Fix America’s Schools
Steven Brill

Hall of Mirrors

Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America’s Schools by Steven Brill

Reviewed By Jonathan Schorr | Winter 2012