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Economic Development


Social innovations that improve the living standards of the poor


Big Payoffs from Small Savings

SaveTogether wants to foster the savings habit among low-income Americans.

By Suzie Boss | Summer 2010

A Good Business for Poor People

Microfranchising poses fewer risks and offers greater benefits than does creating a new business from scratch.

By Lisa Jones Christensen, David Lehr, & Jason Fairbourne | 1 | Summer 2010

Local Warming

Global warming may end up helping some poor farmers who will be able to sell their crops for higher prices.

By Jessica Ruvinsky | Summer 2010

The Ingredients of Growth

By choosing smart economic models and stabilizing political institutions, political leaders pave the way for fast and sustained development.

By David H. Brady & Michael Spence | 2 | Spring 2010

Namibia Experiments with Aid for All

The world’s first universal cash transfer program is in Namibia and provides cash with no strings attached.

By Suzie Boss | Spring 2010

Lessons in Courage

Against all odds, the Afghan Institute of Learning educates women and girls in a war-torn society.

By Suzie Boss | Spring 2010

Strength Through Flexibility

Over the past 17 years, the Forum for African Women Educationalists has delivered high-quality education to millions of girls across 35 African countries.

By Kim Jonker | 1 | Winter 2010
Turning Oppression
into Opportunity for
Women Worldwide
Sheryl WuDunn &
Nicholas D. Kristof

Women Hold Both Sky and Solutions

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof

Reviewed By Kavita Nandini Ramdas | 3 | Winter 2010

Research: The Business of Bribery

A new study from Indonesia shows that extortionists respond to market forces in much the same way as do lawful businesspeople.

By Alana Conner | Winter 2010

The Profit in Nonprofit

Why Kiva chose to be a 501(c)(3), what this tax status buys the organization, and how being a nonprofit poses challenges.

By Bethany Coates & Garth Saloner | 13 | Summer 2009