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Economic Development


Social innovations that improve the living standards of the poor


From Dependency to Self-Sufficiency

The Africa Governance Initiative aims to support a new generation of African leaders building strong, transformative government institutions.


Investing in Arab Entrepreneurs

Endeavor’s expansion to Egypt and Jordan is helping to create thousands of jobs.


The Last Hunger Season

In The Last Hunger Season, Roger Thurow shares the experience of a year in Africa with four smallholder farmers.

By Roger Thurow

Rethinking Global Development Goals

The successors to the Millennium Development Goals must take advantage of the power of NGOs, companies, and technologically enabled citizens.


Unequal Market Access

Markets can promote economic development, as long as they are inclusive.


Changing Savings Habits

Can financial education in grade school have long-term effects?


Sexually Transmitted Altruism

DKT International, founded by one of the largest erotica distributors in the United States, provides contraceptives to approximately 50 million people a year in the developing world.


Banking on Low-Income Families

The Center for Community Self-Help provides financial services to those who can’t afford to live without them.


Path to a New Africa

To change Africa’s future, we must change the mindset of young Africans in college today.


Can Management Consulting Help Small Firms Grow?

Economic development efforts are best served by testing and refining assumptions about what works.